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FIFA 20 Player Career Mode New Features

Shirley Huang September 29th, 2019 FIFA    MmoGah News

This is a real player BFordLancer48’s video,which explores the FIFA 20 player career mode new features: Choose a Real Player, New Menus, Height and Weight, Position, New Celebrations and New Customization, Important Face, New Face Customization, New Hairstyles and so on.


Player Career Mode

Begin as a young prodigy and work your way up through the football world to go from nobody to a club legend. Eventually you may choose to retire and continue as a manager.


1. Choose a Real Player/Create your Pro

The player career mode is my main focus. We are going to look at all the new features mainly pertaining to customization, and show you every way you can customize your pro, and then we will look at the menus and everything that they didn’t add it.

We are going to get into this video if your guys are hyped for the player career mode, which will make you even more excited for the game, so as you start you can either choose your real player or create own virtual pro. If you choose a real player, we are going to do and quick heads up, you can retire them whenever you want and you can actually use them as a manager.


2. New Menus

Now let’s get into the customization where we have new menus right here on how to customize you pro. At first, it starts off by choosing your starting the sort of character, and then you can edit them.



3. Height and Weight

It have not ability to change your players age, you automatically start as I think it was a 20 year old. Maybe next year in the future that could be changed. Let’s move on to height and weight where it’s really cool, because you are able to sort of build your pro and you can see how the attributes changed based on how tall or how much your player specific ugly ways.


4. Choose your position

When you go to the gameplay portion, you could choose goalkeeper. Of course, any position you really want except for a winger. I don’t think you can be a right wing or left wing, I think you have to be a right forward, left forward, left mid or right mid. It’s still a right midfielder buy your play style is just as a winger. It looks like depending on your position.


5. Important Face

If you can’t go to a certain height, I think 6'2" was the tallest, you can make your pro as a striker. Maybe it can be changed, since you make as a super tall attacking players anymore.

Now a lot of people are saying that you’d be able to upload your own specific face, but now it just takes your other players from other game modes that you have created players.


6. New Face Customization

If you have a manager, you can use his face in the player career mode. If you have a vault to character, you can use his face in the player career mode or manager career mode. If you remember back, we are able to actually like scan your face online and import. Next up is all the facial customization things and I’m just going to end up speeding through this.


7. New Facial Hair

Here is literally just like a more cleanly interface where you can customize your pro just a little bit much better than past years. More specific, more precise and the next is facial hair styles.


8. New Hairstyles

You can see all of the hairstyles here, because judging from the looks of it, they have added a ton of hairstyles in the game which is a great man.

I want to be able to custom, it is a customized my pro to a tee and you are able to do this. One thing that you can’t do is import different hairstyles from volta as least.

You are going to see a lot of these hairstyles are the women’s hairstyles. As you know women’s managers have been added into the game, but women’s players have not for my player mode, you can’t make a player that looks like a girl, but it is technically considered as a guy.

Because you can’t really change the gender on this, so you can use all of the women’s hairstyles. Some of them do work with males. Some of like the buns, the ponytails could be used as male hairstyles, it gives us more options when it comes to customizing players.


9. New Celebrations

Next up is the animations and new celebrations.

We have old celebrations that are free kick styles. I am going to show you some. Of course it is similar to past years that you equip your signature celebration, you will score if you want to enter the custom buttons to do a different celebration you can. Of course, it is going to be the different dance.

Moves when we get towards the end you are going to see. Some of the new celebrations and there are a ton of new celebrations as well in the volta game mode, because you are able to run off the walls when you are playing in specific stadiums and those have not been moved over to my player career. So many volta features I wish are at this game.


10. Choose your team

Next up we will pick out your team which is still the same, I would like to see this change as well you shouldn’t be able to pick out your own team, but you should be given the option to choose a different route sign for only a handful of teams that are interested in signing you, and then you start out at a youth academy and work your way up. I think that would be awesome.


11. No Press Conferences/Player Conversations

No press conferences and no player conversations, so disappointed in this, which was added to the manager mode, not the career mode. We are not getting them or not added to the player career mode.


12. Same Accomplishments

Here the Accomplishments are back again, I want to have the traits as well as the accomplishments. Earn the skill points and upgrade stats not just through playing games and doing different thing. I don’t like this feature, and it’s been in the game for too long for some reason.

This is a higher-end difficulty game, but I’m excited for this, because gameplay has been changed massively graphics.


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