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FIFA 20 Closed Beta Will Probably Be Released on August 9

Shirley Huang March 28th, 2019 FIFA    MmoGah News

For most players, FIFA 20 Closed Beta is the first chance to play the new EA’s title. So fifa fans always pay attention to FIFA 20 closed beta’s release date. FIFA 20 closed beta is expected to be available from August 9, 2019. Here mmogah will share the details of FIFA 20 closed beta with fifa fans. 

What is the FIFA Closed Beta?

FIFA Closed Beta is a beta test version of an upcoming EA Sports FIFA game, which is released to a selected group of FIFA users for a user pre-release test by invitation.

The main purpose is to test the game. It’s for players to try out a FIFA 20 game mode and give the developer feedback on anomalies they might find, and also suggest potential changes.


When will the FIFA 20 closed beta invitations sent?

FIFA 20 beta invitations will probably be sent by EA from August 1-10, 2019 to the selected fifa 19 players. FIFA 20 closed beta is also expected to be available from August 9 for the selected FIFA 20 beta testers to play and test the game modes, such as FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode and Kick-off.


How long does the FIFA 20 closed beta go on?

FIFA 20 closed beta will go on ten days. It ends around August 17, but it can be extended for two days. After this period, players can no longer have access to the FIFA 20 beta. At this point, the players are supposed to give EA Sports feedback.


Which fifa console for FIFA 20 closed beta?

FIFA 20 Closed Beta will be only available on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.


Which game modes will be available on FIFA 20 closed beta?
 Pro Clubs and Kick-Off

 Career Mode and Kick-Off
 Ultimate Team and Kick-Off


FIFA 20 Closed Beta Invitations

Selected FIFA players who opted in to get EA emails will get an email at the email address that is linked to their EA accounts.

Not everyone will get an email with a code because of limited space in the Closed Beta.

EA will email selected players with their Beta codes, and it only have enough codes for the players that EA sent emails to. If you don’t get an email with a code, EA’s Advisors won’t be able to give you one.

The email will include a Closed Beta access code for PS4 or Xbox One.


How to Get an Invitation for FIFA 20 Closed Beta?

FIFA 20 Beta allows players to test the game before it is released to the general public. The lucky users that get to test the game are required to offer feedback, so that EA can tweak the game and fix any last minute bugs before the official release. However, not everyone will have the chance to be invited.

You must be 18 years or older;

Your console’s account region is important, and it must be from UK or North America;

You must have a PS4 or XBox One console (FIFA 20 Beta is not available for other platforms);

You must have played FIFA 19 regularly.

Apparently, EA will choose the most active FIFA fans in specific game modes to send the invitations. So it could be based on the time they spend on playing the game and their in-game activities, such as the level their reach or the titles they achieve.


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