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FIFA 20 Career Mode Youth Squad Improvements

Shirley Huang June 20th, 2019 FIFA   

Many fifa fans are talking about fifa 20 career modes these days, and they would like to see some new career modes in fifa 20.

“Do you want to see a youth squad revamp in fifa 20 career mode? Do you want to see U23 Squad and U18 Squad in fifa 20 career mode? Do you want to use real managers in fifa 20 career mode?” If your answer is yes, please click this real player FootyManagerTV’s video to learn more. It will guide you to learn FIFA 20 Career Mode Youth Squad revamp / Youth Academy New Features Concept.

We are going to taking a look at some designs concept for fifa 20 career mode.

In my opinion, these designs are the greatest, and most of them are features. We want to see a revamp about Youth Squad, U23 squad report & U23 tables, and we can switch them to U18 Squad. When you sign your youth players from the youth squad, they go right into your first team. It will be nice if you have an actual U23 squad where you can build up your youth talents there, so you can see the Managers’ Advice there and see what the U23’s manager thinks of the players, such as the First Team Ready: Harry Wilson. You can mobilize him from the U23 squad, and then put him into the first team, at that time, you can see Connor and all their great defending, you’d see that plus, but Toni Gomes lacks finishing so that he can give you just an idea of the training. It is not really shown here, but you have different training sections: U18 squad.

The first team squad will add more depth in fifa 20 career mode. As you see, Mike Garrity can bring all the different staff rolls back into fifa, if you have seen these people showed up in the older fifa games, you can get the all different staff.

You can have them play games, so you can see the tables, and then the different ones switch to you, and you could see the stats of your players, which is what really lacks in career mode, especially the youth sides of things, that could be realistic.

They are two separate squads: U18 squad & U23 squad, and they can play games just as they do in real life. This kind of thing happens in football manager too, and I could actually get a lot of ideas from a football manager. Maybe they just have this to be enhanced in terms of how it looks, because it is probably not 100% best wise ideas.


The basic features here are very nice, this is what EA needs to go deep. It is very important that the revamp of the youth side of things in terms of football, I think it’s kind of realistic. We move to the next one, so this is going to be more in the interaction to talk about this one, if you go into the office you can have a lot of interaction with your club, you can interact with the board, a specific player or a staff member, and bring back Request Funds.


Players would be massive, you could say something about them. How they are playing, how they are training, and so on. If they train well, you could praise them. Keep the morale up.

You could add interactions to be a bit meaningful, unlike the press conferences that always in career mode which does nothing. You can boost morale, praise your team or something like that.


We all like this career mode’s basic career mode community. You can use these random managers, such as random faces that are not real. If you can control a real manager and go through his career, you can be Poaching Tino, or you can be a man at Man City.

You love to take control of a real manager in the game, but I love to see more real managers, and this is where they could add. Make sure these real managers in the game, you negotiate with them in terms of transfers, but I hope that it is an option and not to change the game so much.

We are going to talk about customization. I wouldn’t say the stadium is under a manager’s control, and you can customize a lot of stuff, kit and crest after a few seasons. Be realistic! Your clubs don’t keep the same sponsors.


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