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FIFA 19 Players Predictions – The Best FUT Players

Do you know who are the best FUT 19 players? Who have the highest FIFA 19 ratings?

Here mmogah as one of the best fifa coins stores would like to share the estimate top-rated players, 5 star skillers, fastest players, top strength and physical players, top goalkeepers, best defenders, top shooting & shot power players and much more.


Top 100 players with the highest Ratings estimated release dates as below.

 04/09/2018 TOP 100-81 FIFA 19 Players
 05/09/2018 TOP 80-61 FIFA 19 Players
 06/09/2018 TOP 60-41 FIFA 19 Players
 07/09/2018 TOP 40-31 FIFA 19 Players
 08/09/2018 TOP 30-21 FIFA 19 Players
 09/09/2018 TOP 20-11 FIFA 19 Players
 10/09/2018 TOP 10-01 FIFA 19 Players


FUT 19 Top-rated players are based on performances (last 365 days) in league and cup play.

01 Cristiano Ronaldo
There are few things that Ronaldo cannot do on a pitch, and he can excel most attacking positions. His 93 shooting, 90 Pace and 90 Dribbling make him virtually untouchable when in top form. Ronaldo can dance into the box and dispatch the ball into the net without skipping a beat when he is deployed as a forward. Left wing is his strong advantage, and he can create chances for teammates.


FUT 19 5 Star Skillers

12/09/2018 (estimated release date)

Cristiano Ronaldo
A great way to beat defenders is utilizing skill moves in FIFA 19. 5 star skillers are capable of performing the most complex skill moves in the game.


Fastest FIFA 19 Players

13/09/2018 (estimated release date)


The sudden speed burst can make the difference between victory and defeat.


Top FIFA 19 Goalkeepers

 10/09/2018 (estimated release date)

 Best keepers you want serving as the last line of defense in goal.



Top Strength and Physical FIFA 19 Players

15/09/2018 (estimated release date)

Based on their ability to overpower and hold off the opposition. Physicality is a measure of key physical traits, such as Strength, Stamina and Jumping. Throughout a full match, these players can maintain their fitness and they are able to win the physical battles on the pitch.



Top physical players

Van Damme



Top Shooting & Shot Power FIFA 19 Players

16/09/2018 (estimated release date)



Top Defensive FIFA 19 Players

13/09/2018 (estimated release date)


The best offense is a good defense. Having a great goalkeeper is one thing, but having a fantastic back-line is your best insurance.



Top FIFA 19 Free Kick Takers

 15/09/2018 (estimated release date)


It is a beautiful sight that you can manage to freeze the opposition. When you get this opportunity, you can line up to take the shot.


Top FIFA 19 Dribblers Players

 10/09/2018 (estimated release date)

 Having the ability to create goal-scoring opportunities out of nothing, and confusing the opposition.



Top FIFA 19 Passers Players

 10/09/2018 (estimated release date)

Never underestimate a playmaker. They might not be putting the ball in the back of the net, but the best ones are able to find the open teammate and change the complexion of a match.


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