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FIFA 19 New FUT Swap SBC

Shirley Huang April 04th, 2019 FIFA   

FIFA 19 FUT Birthday ended on April 1, TOTS is right around the corner. Before that, it is time for a new round of FUT Swap. FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals is an ongoing event within FIFA Ultimate Team, helping players to upgrade their squads. 

You unlock these players by completing SBCs for them. Once you got enough FUT Swap Items, simply head over to the player SBCs and input them.

Today mmogah.com would like to share a real player NepentheZ’s video with fifa fans.

There are some good cards, I’ve already been in the game what they have given us. Nicolas PEPE (RM) is for three tokens. That’s brilliant he’s a super usable card, maybe you could start, because it is an 87 rated inform for three tokens, like the 87 rated informs cheap, so that PEPE is very good on tops of that.


They give us the 87 WERNER for just five tokens. Three tokens and five tokens are relatively easy to achieve. Werner card is very good, dribbling a little long, composure a little arm balance decent, short passing which can help the striker.

His positioning finishing pace is brilliant, and his shot power is long, so it is real little low, but you’ve got the sniper or the finisher chemistry style to boost those nicely, maybe even the marksman or the maestro can also do a job there just for five tokens.


Robertson in left-back still to this day, one of the best left backs in the game and he is need seven tokens, six tokens for Robertson again a quality card.

I actually used his red in-form card when he was an in-form four hundreds of games and obviously with the strong link to Virgil Van Dijk who is a brilliant viable option for your left back role decent.

Defending status 84 stamina which is super important. Obviously the one downside to this card is someone like Robertson, he has really low jumping heading and he is only 51. When I crossed the ball to Gareth Bale, Robertson is not winning anything except that quality card.


Meunier’s FUT Birthday card there for seven tokens, quality all-round card, little low on agility and balance, but other than that really well-rounded card. You know obviously what he gives you the benefits: he has strong links to Neymar, Silva and Marquinhos. He has soft link to Pepe, so you could get Meunier and Pepe two items. You know Daniel Alvarez flash back if you have him, there’s a strong link for you there.

As a Belgian, he links many cards, and he links to Kevin De Bruyne origin angle. Maybe you’ve got carnival all the world. He will link to lot of options with this card and he’s massive. He is a big tank, owning 97 stamina four stars of the top four. He will be a noticeable player in the midfield, and he will be an utter warhorse. You should pick this Meunier card 100k pack for eight tokens which is an untradeable pack. That’s not too bad. Maybe it is tradable, and then an ultimate pack guys for 10 tokens. That’s not bad at all.


We have Antoine Griezmann the 90 rated team of the group stage card for 10 -12 tokens. Obviously there are 14 tokens, so you have to put a bit of effort in a bit of working to get this Griezmann card, but it is a really good card, really good jumping and heading, high 4 stars skill moves. 84 stamina which is not ideal by any strengthen of imagination, but for a striker is not bad. Its 84 stamina is borderline all right, this is usable definitely, but it is not ideal, his 89 dribbling obviously is very strong, 82 passing is decent, 87 shooting is decent and 88 pace is good too.

Personally I’d probably put a hunter or a hawk on to Griezmann, and his pace boost will get a big boost in a nice physical boost, but all in all, just for Fut Swap, getting Griezmann tokens is very good.


Douglas Costa’s Fut birthday card is well-rounded stats 85 stamina, his dribbling is spectacular, Lauren reactions and composure.

Just in keeping with the rest of his dribbling, when you’ve got 97 or 95 to 97 for four of the six, that’s as low as 87 for the other two is a little low comparatively, but a sniper a maestro something like that on Costa and you’ve got yourself a great card, swaps can be considered to be free, but definitely to earn him is brilliant in last but not least which I’m going to my Road Glory, the base icon pack 14 fut swap tokens for a base icon what’s brilliant is.


We have gotten the Jackson Martinez flashback card. When the market settles, it will probably down to 85 to 80 for this card. Because you only need an 84 and an 80 through two in-forms instead of 85 & 86 ISM and stupid requirements. He is brilliant as a striker. For both high 84 players, Martinez’s high medium work rates is considerably better. For a guy that 6-1 with 86 jumping in 96 heading whole chemistry style on him. He’s going to out to a very high pace, not 89 sprint speed, 95 acceleration, almost perfect shooting and extremely good physicals.

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