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FIFA 19 Latest Updates: Release Date, Demo, New Leagues and New Features

Shirley Huang May 18th, 2018 FIFA    MmoGah News

The FIFA 19 release date is possible to be released at the end of September. Here mmogah would like to share the details about FIFA 19 release date, demo, new leagues and new features.


FIFA 19 Release Date

EA hasn’t officially revealed FIFA 19 release date, but every year EA releases the new FIFA game at the end of September. We can hear more information when the game in unveiled at the E3 event in Los Angeles in June 2018. 

What formats will it be available on?

FIFA 19 will be available on all the big platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

It is interesting to see whether EA Sports continues to use a different engine on the Switch, with Nintendo users having missed out on 'The Journey' mode due to a lack of compatibility.


FIFA 19 Demo

A few weeks ahead of launch, EA launches a demo of the game, giving players the chance to play single matches with a select few teams.

FIFA 18’s demo launched on Sep 12, and it would make sense to see FIFA 19 demo release date on September 11 this year.


What New Leagues could be in FIFA 19?

The German 3. Liga was a new addition in FIFA 18, and more national competitions could be added in FIFA 19. There has no official news about new leagues for 2018-19, but one possible addition could be the Czech First League as Sparta Prague is one of the rest of the World sides in the current game’s edition.

FIFA 19 will feature the Champions and Europa Leagues, according to a leak from a commentator who works on the series.

What features can we expect from FIFA 19?

Custom Tactics

This is a repeat request from last year, but EA still hasn’t changed the custom D-pad tactics in matches. FIFA is low in its level of custom tactics, offering very little depth and few options.

It’d be nice if we can create our own tactics, and the default options were varied a little.

A New Hero for the Journey

Alex Hunter has gone to the States to rebuild his career, played for one of the biggest clubs in Europe, and joined a table-topping Premier League side.

It’s understandable that the story needs to take us to the pinnacle of football within a short time, but we’d prefer it if EA let The Journey breaths a little, and takes time to develop a proper rags-to-riches story. If we could follow a Jamie Vardy-esque tale of starting in the lower leagues, getting scouting and moving through the leagues to a top club over the course of multiple seasons, that’d be brilliant.


Continue to add depth to offline modes

The introduction of transfer negotiations in manager career was a good first step, but we want FIFA 19 to continue adding much more to the game’s offline modes.

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