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FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Is Possible to Be Released on March 22

EA Sports will celebrate the 10th birthday of FIFA's most popular game mode - Ultimate Team in March 2019.  

As one of the most anticipated event in FUT, gamers are expecting how EA will celebrate the 10th birthday for FIFA Ultimate Team with promo offers. Here mmogah as one of the best futcoins stores shares the details about the event release date, offers and etc.


What is the FUT Birthday Event?

EA Sports celebrates Ultimate Team's birthday with a week-long in-game event that gives FIFA players new birthday cards, new Icons, new SBCs and special packs.


When will FUT Birthday 2019 be released?

EA has not yet to reveal the release date for this year’s celebration, but over the last couple of years, and it is likely to be a similar date this year. The promotion is expected to be live from March 22 to April 1, 2019. Players still have two weeks to wait until they can get access to the special player cards.


FUT Birthday 2019 Offers

Generally, EA would pick up some popular FUT cards based on past FIFA community preferences, to boost their rating and retro-out-of-position in-game stats according to the top abilities and career of the players as their FUT Birthday cards.

Limited-time Squad Building Challenges are also set to be available for players to complete and unlock special rewards including players and upgrade cards.


This year is the 10th anniversary for celebrating FIFA Ultimate Team, there will be multiple promo offers are expected to be released.

FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Squad featuring 23 players

Free or discounted promo packs and Lighting Rounds

End of an Era items
FUT Birthday Players SBCs
Daily Birthday Wish SBCs
Themed Weekly Objectives
Themed Kits


What is the FUT Birthday Squad?

The FUT Birthday Squad is the headlining feature for the event, which gives a squad-worth of players’ brand new birthday-themed cards with upgraded ratings and stats.

The selected players who were popular among FIFA fans in previous versions in the game, including lesser stars.


FUT Birthday Squad Builder Challenges

On top of the new cards, there will undoubtedly be SBCs released for FIFA players to create.

SBCs require players to create a squad featuring strict limits. You have to include so many types of players while maintaining a certain level of team rating and chemistry. This squad is submitted to receive special rewards, such as packs and amazing players.

Some new FUT Birthday Squad cards will likely only be attainable through SBCs as well as available in packs. On top of that, there will also be an SBC for every FIFA edition since Ultimate Team began in FIFA 09. Each one will revolve around players popular in that game and will reward them with special packs.


How to get FUT birthday players?

During the event period (about 10 days), the FUT Birthday players will be available in FUT packs instead of the same players’ standard cards.

There will be lots of FUT Birthday SBCs, including loan version and untradeable version featuring new FUT Birthday cards and packs as rewards.

You can also buy FIFA 19 FUT Birthday players on transfer market with fifa 19 coins directly after it out of packs.


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