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FIFA 19 Closed Beta Is Now Live

FIFA 19 still be quite a few weeks away.

EA Sports has released FIFA 19 Closed Beta yesterday evening. FIFA 19 beta is now live with closed beta codes being sent out to Ultimate Team fans. 

FIFA 19 beta is closed, which means that it’s invite-only. So only selected FIFA 19 players will be able to participate in it.


FIFA 19 closed beta begins and will be available for selecting players in the United States and the United Kingdom until August 20th. If you don't have access, you can play the game when it releases on Sep 28. Pre-orders of the Champions or Ultimate Edition of the title grant you access to the game three days earlier on Sep 25. Finally, a Play First Trial will be available through EA Access on Sep 20.


FIFA 19 closed beta with the demo available to play for those who were lucky enough to have been sent a FIFA 19 closed beta code.

Make sure you check your e-mail inbox to see if you’re one of the lucky ones that has been sent a code to take part in the FIFA 19 closed beta.

The email being sent out by EA Sports as below.

Welcome to the FIFA 19 Beta - Congratulations! You've been selected to participate in the FIFA 19 Closed Beta. Starting 10th August at 9am PST, you can play and test game modes: FIFA Ultimate Team and Kick-Off. Get started early, Pre-Load available by following instructions below.

Please find your code below, this code is specific to your account, and cannot be shared.

You've been selected to participate in the FIFA 19 Closed Beta.


FIFA 19 closed beta features both Kick Off and Ultimate Team modes which have received massive changes for the upcoming game. EA also recently released this year's Journey Mode as Alex Hunter signs for Real Madrid.


EA will surely find a way to fit the Champions League and Europa League licenses into the mode after securing the lucrative rights to the massive European competitions. The Champions League could easily replace the current Clubs cups.

It makes sense that EA has already fit the two tournaments into every other mode. Career Mode is another game mode which hasn't been given any announcements yet.


How to get a closed beta code?

*EA Sports are sending these codes out randomly and unless you've been selected by EA Sports you can't play.

*FIFA 19 beta codes are linked to specific player accounts, even if you were to obtain a code sent to someone else, you can’t use this code, and you can’t buy one online from a random player and use it. Don’t get scammed.

*If you are fortunate enough to have a code, do not share any gameplay under any circumstance.


The most important criteria for getting a FIFA 19 closed beta code is putting in plenty of hours playing the previous version.

If you’ve been playing plenty of FIFA 18 past year, then you’ve already increased your chances of getting a FIFA 19 closed beta code.

FIFA 19 beta is available to play for those who were lucky enough to have been sent a FIFA 19 closed beta code.


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