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FIFA 16 Essential Tips for All New Players

John Ryan November 05th, 2015 FIFA    MmoGah News

In FIFA 16, it is important for new players to master some essential tips, which makes you earn more coins in your game. MmoGah as a fifa coins seller who shares some fifa 16 tips to meet your needs!


Tip 1  Practice offline first

As you know, FUT Draft is a new way to get a lot of packs and players in FIFA 16. You have to pay for the entry fee when you are entering FUT Draft, so make sure to practice offline and you will get your maximum rewards.


Tip 2  Have a plan before you build a team

Maybe you choose the team players around the first choosing player to build a team, but it is not the best way. We advise you to pick a defender, midfielder and a forward, then pick the other players around them, rather than around the first choosing player. Besides, you can get full chemistry with hybrid team!



Tip 3  Select manually for your team players

When you start to select team players, you can select automatically for your team players, but it is not the best way. We advise you to select manually for every player in your squad, since every player is suited for your strategy, and maximizing your team chemistry!


Tip 4  Strikers and goalkeepers are the most important players

An outstanding striker and goalkeeper are benefit for your team. Make sure you have these players to build a solid team.


Tip 5  Master the No Touch Dribbling

This is the new dribble control system in FIFA 16 which gives players the freedom to decide how and when to touch the ball, and it really gives the game more strategic element.

The best dribbling technique is the newly applied No Touch Dribbling which is introduced in FIFA 16 allows players to move without the ball to juke their opponents to score more amazing goals.


Above tips are useful for new players, but it is hard to master them. If you want to win matches smoothly, we will advise you to buy fifa 16 coins to strong your team. MmoGah can offer professional service to you, since we have more than 10 years’ experience in the gaming market, and have gotten five star reputation on Trustpilot. We offer the safest trading way via transfer market, and have cheap price with another 3% off. If you choose us, we would never let you down.


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