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  • Amazing Ones to Watch Player Pick Pack SBC in FIFA 20
    By Shirley Huang2019-10-10 00:00:00

    FUT Ones to Watch (OTW) cards are different from some special cards, since they can continually receive upgrades throughout the football season. These dynamic live items will be permanently boosted each time they feature in a FIFA TOTW (Team of the Week) squad, as well as they receive various other special cards.

    In terms of FUT trading, OTW players are a great way to earn FUT coins. This method is called “Investing in Player Performances”. Today will share a real player NepentheZ’video, and you can learn more fifa 20 OTW player pick pack sbc. All of the content is quoted from this video.


    I’ll share some new sbc types and some new objectives with you.

    First of all, they’ve given an OTW new beginnings sbc, which requires two teams. Earn an otw player pick of Sanchez and Mkhitaryan. Which player will rise to glory? You can take Alexis Sanchez or Mkhitaryan, you need a Serie A squad team with an ATT Raiders. 


    80 Raid squads with one Serie player, a 78 rated squads that’s rare with two premier league players. We’ve also got a Marquee matchup setting the key sbc for a good sbc. They’ve also given us Marquee Moments complete this basic challenge with players from last week’s key matchups, I don’t get it so far.

    Max 4 players from the same leagues, 2 rare players, 2 silver players, 60 chemistry, 7 players in the squad, so you can do bronze here. Let’s go and have a look at what bronzes I will have, we’ve got a Belgian got English players, so you can obviously use super low range, so we’ve got a nice player. We’ve got another English Center back to there, so we can start with those guys straight. Let’s go for the Irishman. Now we need 2 silvers, 2 rare players and 60 chemistry.  


    Let’s have a look at a striker and just a center midfielder, so we will pop the German striker in there and Chemistry here is very easy. This is a brilliant cheap SBC, chemistry is crazy easy because it gives you 40 chemistry, so you only need 20 chemistry from the 7 players, you just have to use 2 rare players, 2 silvers and the rest anything you want. Now you only get a 2 rare gold players pack for this, but it’s quite interesting and unique new SBC, I don’t really get it.


    We will have Marquee Matchups for a rare electron player pack which contains

    Toronto vs. Columbus, West Ham vs. Crystal Palace, PSG vs. Angers and Roma vs. Cagliari.

    Rare gold pack, jumbo premium gold pack and drama, Premium silver pack, we are going to get these.

    I’m going to show you the best methods in how to get these. Let’s go straight away to the MLS: Min 5 silver players, so MLS players are likely about to go through the roof. We will take a goalkeeper and a center-back from the MLS and that’s two of 5 silvers and 2 MLS players.

    Of course clubs is min 3, which doesn’t make sense, because Max 4 players from the same league. You can get a lot of bronzes here, so let me go for a couple more silver players. Let me check the England league 3 and 4, if I get some of that, I will get Burgess there, which is nice.


    West Ham vs. Palace.

    Multiple West Ham and Palace players, this really shouldn’t be a problem, so pop Snodgrass in there Max 3 players from same league, Min 5 gold players, so this is a nice and easy one. We will go to Premier League, low to high we will grab our low tier strikers and midfielder.


    Roma vs. Cagliari

    It requires 6 gold players in Cagliari vs. Roma, so if you have any category or Roma players, you ca get a little bit of profit. Nandez and Cagliari, this multi-sport thing just really frustrate and then Roma are there, so we have plenty of Roma players as well. Now these players are untradeable, because they are down.

    Max 4 Serie A players, we just go for any Serie center-backs basically. Let’s put him in there and then get one more in there, so that gives us great chemistry, a 70 rating squad, so we will go to the premier league. These ones that are worth 350 coins fifa 20, they are just as valuable as bronzes and silvers.


    Angers vs. PSG player which should be very easy to do.

    Players Santamaria there we go, he can throw in there same league Max 4, so this again will be nice and easy will pop the strike run from the French league. Let’s pop in a yoga touch in there. Let’s get our card up and then at left mid. Let’s go to the Italian league and again, the low-rated and then at left-back. Maybe we need 85 chemistry here as well, so we will use the Bundesliga for the next set.

    There are some nice packs here, the silver pack will always be worth something overtime premium gold packs. You are already to get luck at the silver pack and a half pack premium gold pack, we do get ourselves a rare gold player but not a board or a walkout, so we won’t waste time on this.


    Premier League

    Two premier league players: Min 80 chemistry, Min 78 rated, Min 11 rare players, so I’m going to get all premier league right, it has to be rare players that was their ratings.

    It just to be 11 rare players, so I don’t want to put Gomez in a key, you can go in Sacko and Bali, center mids cross and Maya if it’s rating as well. I will fix that in a second blue foul, and I can go in at that right mid. I don’t really want to put in right now, striker will pop in right wing, and Wesley can go in the left wing.



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