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FIFA 20 ICONs Revealed Featuring Zinedine Zidane, Pep Guardiola, Ronald Koeman and Didier Drogba

By Shirley Huang2019-09-06

Believe it or not, FIFA 20 is the next game coming to the world's most popular football franchise. FIFA 20 will bring an all-new authentic street football experience in EA SPORTS VOLTA.

If you want to play fifa 20 earlier, you can play FIFA 20 Demo on Sep 12, this is the first taste to play the new game.


FIFA ICONs are undoubtedly among the very best players in Ultimate Team. A group of special FUT icons revealed, and they will be added to the game mode. 

Zinedine Zidane revealed as FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition Cover Star, and he will appear on the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition’s cover when the game launches on Sep 27. Today would like to share some FIFA 20 Icons with fifa fans, and some of the content is quote from wiki.

Zinedine Zidane

A French former professional football player and current manager of Real Madrid. As one of the greatest players of all time, his world-class skill and technique made football look unnaturally easy. Zidane is an elite playmaker, renowned for his elegance, vision, ball control, technique, and played as an attacking midfielder for Cannes, Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid.

His performances on the two biggest stage: he won the 1998 FIFA World Cup, scoring twice in the final and won the 2002 UEFA Champions League Final that is one of the greatest volleys of all time, which gave “Zizou” legendary status for both France and Real Madrid.


His shooting, passing and dribbling at least 90, and his 83 physical will make him a versatile weapon in midfield. His base icon card at 91 overall, but still boasts at least 90 in both passing and dribbling, whilst his 84 pace is the fastest of all his cards.


Zidane’s new icon card is as expected, a rating that draws him level with former FIFA cover star - the Brazilian star Ronaldo. The center or attacking midfielder’s second best card - 94 also puts him on the same level as striker Ronaldo, but this is perhaps unfair.


Pep Guardiola

He is a good player and manager. Considered one of the best midfielders of his generation, he is a highly creative, hard-working, nimble, and elegant player, owning good anticipation, tactical awareness, and an ability to read the game.

He is capable of being an offensive threat, due to he has ability to make attacking runs or strike accurately from distance. He is also effective at creating chances or shooting on goal from set-pieces. His playing style, which relied on creativity, technique and ball movement, rather than physicality and pace.

As a defensive midfielder, Guardiola's prime is 90 rating with 88 passing, 88 defending and 78 pace. The 87-rated middle card owns 78 pace, but drops to 82 passing and 85 defending. It is a very good card, but there will be cheaper similar cards in the market.

Finally, his base icon will be 85 overall with 85 dribbling and 82 passing as well, but drops down to 75 pace.


Ronald Koeman

Koeman is the top scoring defender in world football, and Barcelona's top scoring defender. As an accurate free kick and penalty kick taker, Koeman was nicknamed the King of free kicks throughout his playing career, and is Barcelona's second-highest goal scorer from free kicks, behind only Lionel Messi.


Didier Drogba

He is noted for his physical strength, speed, ability in the air, powerful and accurate strikes, and his ability to retain possession of the ball. Drogba is renowned for performing in big games, with a goalscoring record at club level of 10 goals in 10 finals winning 10 trophies. Aside from this ability, he is also capable of providing assists to his teammates.

As one of the greatest African players ever, Drogba is usually ranked among the three greatest African strikers, alongside George Weah and Samuel Eto'o. Drogba's diverse and robust playing style are cited as the toughest striker numerous defenders.

 Didier Drogba looks to have one of the most exciting cards. His 91-rated prime card owns 92 shooting, 90 pace and 90 physical, and he is going to be an absolute monster.

His middle icon will be 89 overall with 90 shooting, 88 physical and 85 pace, which will certainly looks incredibly fun to play with.

Drogba's 87-rated base icon could be a good option when those two cards inevitably become too expensive. With pace, shooting and physical all in the high 80s, this Drogba card can do all.​


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