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FIFA 20 Demo Will Probably Be Released on Sep 12

By Shirley Huang2019-04-26

As the end of the season approaches, it can only mean one thing. FIFA 20 is coming. After a disruptive year on FIFA 19, this could be the biggest release in recent history for EA Sports.

FIFA 19 provided us with the most dramatic update in the FIFA series since FIFA 14, when the games came to next-gen consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the first time. New kick-off house rules and timed finishing arrived, but despite that, the game has been countless criticized.

We all hope that FIFA 20 can correct those floors, and it is capable of becoming the real game.


FIFA 20 is on the horizon, so it is very important to know the demo’s release date for the new EA Sports game. This year, how the demo plays is more crucial than ever... The countdown to FIFA 20 is on. EA Sports are very consistent with their release dates. This year, FIFA 20 is except to be released on Sep 27, 2019

As you know, FIFA Closed Beta is a beta test version of an upcoming EA Sports FIFA game, which is released to a selected group of FIFA users for a user pre-release test by invitation. FIFA 20 closed beta is expected to be available from August 9, 2019

The Demo is the first taste to play the new game, and this year the demo is more crucial than ever. With fans dropping their controllers due to FIFA 19, it is important that the demo is a hit for FIFA 20. The game’s demo only tends to come out two weeks before the game’s full release, so it will probably be released on Sep 12, 2019, which version will be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.


Those who sign up to EA Access get eight hours of gameplay around one week before the game comes out from Sep 21, and those who pre-order the Lucrative versions (Ultimate or Champions Edition) of the game can jump the queues and start playing three days (Sep 24) before official release.


Expect similar teams as last year where there are Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Roma, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and PSG to choose from. 


Manchester United

Manchester City

Real Madrid CF

Atletico de Madrid


FC Bayern Munich

Borussia Dortmund



Tottenham Hotspur


Game Modes

Kick Off

FIFA Ultimate Team (New Feature)



FIFA 19 the biggest issue was the gameplay. Before a series of patch updates, we had defenders running into each other, and the game’s beta was being exploited by first-time finesse shots flying into the top corner time and time again. In FIFA 20, the developers need to get it a lot closer to being right when the game is released, with still back post crosses heavily overpowered and defending after a kick-off weirdly difficult.

So how to improve? Well, timed finishing is as brilliant as it is frustrating. Players like to see a ball fly into the top corner from 25 yards, but when it happens again and again, the magic will lost a little. Timed finishing needs to be certainly adjusted. Maybe it is only applicable for finesse shots, or drives from range. 


FIFA 20 Demo is not confirmed yet. Pay attention to our fifa news. Stay Tuned!

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