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FFXI Gil Weekly Promotion at MmoGah – Lowest Price on Asura Server!

Penny February 24th, 2023 Final Fantasy XI    FFXI Gil    FFXI Gil Help   

Hey, our dear FFXI customers! We are always grateful to you for choosing us among so many websites in the industry. So in order to thank you for your great support over the years, we decided to hold a weekly promotional event on Asura, the biggest NA/EU server of FF11, which can benefit most of the players.




The details are as follows:


1. This event starts on Friday at 0:00 AM (PST/PDT) and ends on Sunday at 0:00 AM (PST/PDT) every week, which is permanent.

2. It only applies to the FFXI Asura server.

3. Coupon code is not involved in this promotion like what we usually do. Instead, we will directly cut the gil price of the Asura server, allowing you to buy gil at the lowest rate in the market. Of course, the price of this server is much lower than other servers.

4. As soon as the event ends, the gil for the Asura server will be sold at the original price. So take the chance!

5. Member discount, large order gil bonus, and long-term coupon for FFXI at MmoGah are all available during the event to help you save more.


Member discount: can help you get a discount ranging from 1% - 3%.


Large order gil bonus: buy more, get more!


When you buy 10M, which is the minimum amount you can buy at MmoGah, there is no bonus.

When you buy 100M, you can get a 2M bonus.

But when you buy 1000M, you can get a total of 50M, equal to 28.45 USD at the time when we published the article.


Long-term 5% coupon code for ff11 gil: FF11


Recently, we have reduced the gil prices of all servers in ffxi. So the Asura server will be cheaper when it’s on sale then. So if you are a player of other servers, you can get cheap gil any time. If you are playing on Asura, seize the opportunity to get cheaper ff11 gil!


We rank high on Google for the keyword “ffxi gil”. “Fast, cheap, hassle-free, easy” are the four most commonly seen words in our customer feedback section. As a professional shop in the market for more than 15 years, MmoGah can be your best choice. Now, we are so ready to deliver!

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