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The Info You Should Offer Before Buying ArcheAge Gold at MmoGah

John Ryan Date: November 03rd, 2014 Views: 5896 archeage gold mirage isle archeage ban power leveling

Mmogah.com offers you ArcheAge gold with face to face trade method, as we all know that it’s more secure than Mailbox, in order to do a faster delivery of your archeage gold, we meet at Mirage Isle with you, so we can avoid running a long distance to find each other when we are in different maps, however, some customers can’t tell us which continent they belong to fast and it costs a longer time of you to communicate with us, so we provide some helpful tips here for you.

Mmogah safe ArcheAge gold

The continent on the top of the world map is the source continent Auroria, if you are Nuian (we call for N) or Elf (E), you belong to the west continent Nuia, and if you are Harani (H) or Firran (F), you belong to the east continent Haranya. Or you can remember like this, if your mount is a horse or an elk, you belong to the west and if your mount is a leomorph or a snowlion, you belong to the east. As we know, ArcheAge game only allows the same continent characters to do face-to-face trades, so you should offer us your server and your continent first before we deliver to you, you let us know if you are in the west or in the east, we will choose the relevant character to trade with you, it will be faster and safer.

Mmogah provides archeage gold with face to face trade method since Trion removed large amount of ArcheAge gold, Mailbox in game is not too much safe and we rarely use it any more, for we must protect your account’s security as our responsibilities. On the other side, there are pirates in ArcheAhe game now, pirates belong to a third faction and can’t face to face trade with other factions, you can use a nomal faction character to do a face to face trade with us and you mail to your pirate's account by yourself, this seems natural and will be safer.

We have a lot of ArcheAge gold in stock for many servers, it only takes you 2 mins to receive archeage gold you bought from MmoGah, we can also buy items off the Auction House for you instead of gold, it’s of your interest even if it will cost a longer time. Safe ArcheAge gold and ArcheAge Power Leveling Handwork, MmoGah will always be a best choice!

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