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Is Your ArcheAge Gold Order in The Following Cases?

John Ryan Date: November 24th, 2014 Views: 7430 archeage gold mirage isle safe archeage gold buy archeage gold

With all your enthusiastic support, MmoGah score on Trustpilot.com has kept excellent 9.8, we sincerely appreciate for all of you there, appreciate for your trust, thank you for buying archeage gold from us and your great reviews for MmoGah.com.
We has been providing safe ArcheAge Gold, insisting on face to face trade, protecting you from getting banned. We will stock much archeage gold for different servers, in order to guarantee that we can deliver your archeage gold fast within minutes, however, if your order is in the following cases, it will cost a longer time for us to complete it, we beg for your understand.

buy archeage gold

  • We cant successfully login in game

We use VPN (Virtual Personal Network) switching to America network, we can login in ArcheAge NA/EU servers only in this way, considering our archeage accounts’ security, each account has its own USA IP, so sometimes when something broken happened for our VPN, we will immediately login in game after the problem being solved, it would take you several more minutes to receive your gold in this case, certainly, we will try to avoid this problem.

  • There are too many orders in queue before you

We offer 24/7 online support for you, you can contact with us at any time you like and we will complete your order ASAP, however, we hope you to be patient if several orders are in front of you, it takes our time to complete each order and guarantee its quality, certainly, we have many stuffs dealing with ArcheAge orders, you can generally receive your gold in a short time.

  • We don’t have enough archeage gold stock for your server

In general, we will stock enough archeage gold for many servers that are commonly needed, we stock ArcheAge Gold in front so you can receive your gold more quickly, if we dont have enough gold for your server, we will need time to buy some for you.

  • When we buy items off the Auction House for you

We deliver archeage gold face to face with you at Mirage Isle, We can also buy items off the Auction House for you instead of ArcheAge gold, after buying what you need, we will deliver the items face to face with you, so it will take a longer time.

The cases above are occasional situations, we can generally deliver your gold within minutes, we sincerely hope you can understand when some accidents happen and give us more time for your order, your support will always be our motivation!

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