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How to Buy ArcheAge Gold at MmoGah if You Are a Pirate

When ArcheAge game is going on, there has been a lot of pirates in game, when a player accumulates 3000 infamy points, he will successfully turn into a pirate. As everyone knows, pirate is a third faction, you can’t whisper to the members of the two core factions, so you won’t do a face to face trade with them, however, face to face trade is available between your own pirate faction, you have your own Growlgate Island and Auction House.

Dues to the fact that we have many pirate customers wanting to buy ArcheAge gold from MmoGah, we offer you a secure trade method here to protect your gold from being removed.

buy archeage gold at MmoGah.com

Secure trade method for pirates:

  • Use an account of two core factions to trade with us, we deliver to you face to face, then you mail the gold to your pirate account by yourself after receiving it, this will be safe.

Please understand that we don’t have pirate accounts for now to a face to face delivery, you know returning to original faction is not too much simple, if you don’t have the account of two core factions, you can build one before buying from us, it will be convenient.

Please remember don’t allow the sellers to deliver archeage gold via Mailbox in game, your gold will probably be removed by that way for your characters are enemies and the gifted gold is unnatural, however, it’s different if you mail to yourself because many players have several characters and they only turned one of them to pirate faction just for adventures, transfer gold between own characters is natural and safe.

MmoGah is a trustworthy archeage gold seller, we will guarantee our customers’ security even if you are a pirate, buying archeage gold from us will always be safe and fast, we will also offer you friendly services.

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