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An Honest Response to Our Archeage Gold Buyer on Ownedcore

John Ryan Date: October 17th, 2014 Views: 8195 archeage gold mmogah buy archeage gold safe archeage gold

----- Because Max is a first-time buyer on Mmogah.com, who bought a big amount archeage gold order, but refused to send any kind of ID then we refunded him, he posted

Do not buy from them

on Ownedcore. This is a honest response to him.

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Dear Max, first of all, we thank you for your choosing us to buy archeage gold, though it failed, still thank you for your trust. Secondly, we are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. Thirdly, thank you for giving us a chance to introduce our business to every one by explaining what gave rise to this bad result for both of us.

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Why we refunded

Why we need our customers’ ID and Bill pictures

I think some people do not know why we need these pictures. You should think since you have paid to us, we should deliver gold immediately. We do deliver gold within 2 – 5 mins to our loyal customers who got verified by us if we have gold in stock. However, actually the money from paypal or credit card does not really belong to us until a long time (30-180 days even more). Money could be taken away by PP (paypal) or CC (credit card) bank & company in the future. When the money is disputed or suspicious by PP or CC company one day, they will require us to offer enough evidence to them to prove the sender is the PP or CC owner. We have been selling virtual gold since 2006, within these 8 years we have encountered large numbers of frauds. After absorbed these learn, we know what we should do. ID and Bill pictures are the most powerful evidence.

Why the money you paid to us will be disputed or suspicious

Most people are good, trustworthy, but there are large numbers of scammers too in this world. Do you agree? Hackers hacked other people’s PP accounts & password and CC information then sell them to scammers over the world. The scammers use these hacked accounts to buy goods, but they don’t have the owners’ ID and Bill (These kinds of people definitely disagree to send us pictures). In this situation, PP company’s fraud detection tool can detect suspicious then hold the payment to open a research procedure. Of course, there is another situation, the buyer is the owner, but in a period of time after he bought goods, he will dispute the payment with a reason “Not authorized” to try to get it back after he consumed his money.

Do we need all customers’ ID and Bill pictures

Not all of them, just part of them. We have our own rather complicated criterion, I don’t go into particulars here. Perhaps we have a little higher threshold than other sites (I am sure some sites have higher threshold than us), however after you stride over this threshold, you will experience our great service, instant delivery or real refund, quick response on live chat with professional, honest, friendly and helpful service as the Mmogah reviews on Trustpilot. We really care about our customers, are always trying our best to make them 100%satisfaction.

Do we have other ways to verify customers without ID and Bill pictures

When we use this way to verify customers, 90%+ customers can understand us and accept it, but minority don’t accept it then we refuse them to buy gold from us without verification. Therefore, by this way we not only deny real scammers but also real owners. From now on, we started to use a fraud prevention platform to help us. Combined with their technologies and our experience, we will decrease ID and Bill pictures verification, then the chance to be scammed will reduce, at the same time the amount of our customers will increase. This way will bring not only convenience to our customers but also more benefit for us.     

Mmogah’s real history:

Mmogah’s future:

We will work harder to improve our service to make our customer service better and better.

Left this long response, we just hope max and all of you could understand us. We are not trying to scam anyone, just perhaps our threshold is little higher. The reason for what we are doing is to protect us to reduce possible loss.

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