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Aion Asmodian Farming Guide: Level 20

Nancy G July 05th, 2018 Aion   

The world in Aion is broken in half which means each of the two factions will have their own unique farming areas, and this article is dedicated to farming gold for Aion. I will introduce Asmodian-level 20 Farming Guide firstly. Please read the farming guide below that you would like to see.


- Curse of Roots & Body Root Stigmas


This is the first great farming area, and these Ettins have a chance to drop the Body Root Stigma for the Spiritmaster and the Curse of Roots Stigma for the Sorcerer. The Stigma are very popular among the Sorcerer and Spiritmaster classes.


This Stigma has a relatively low drop rate but can sell about 3 mil Aion Kinah. So if you spend your time farming here and you actually get one, it will be well worth the effort. The following picture is a map of where you can find the Ettins for farming the Stigma.



- Sleep Arrow & Holy Shield Stigmas


The Ranger Sleep Arrow Stigma has a chance to drop off the Savvy Daru that spawn at the southern end of the Morheim Snow Field. The Savvy Daru are found around the Ruthless Worgs that also have a chance to drop the Templar Holy Shield Stigma. This makes this spot a double whammy of farming goodness.


The Savvy Daru here are neutral to you meaning they will not attack unless you attack them first. If you get too close, the Ruthless Worgs will attack you on the other hand. If you're in the area doing the repeatable quests, I recommend sticking around here for a bit.



- Curse of Roots Stigma & Advanced Dual Wield


The Wailing Tayga is another excellent farming area. They can be found right over top of "Morheim" in Morheim Snow Fields. There is an abundant amount of Tayga here for you to farm from. The Tayga drops the Sorcerer Stigma for Curse of Roots and the Gladiator Stigma for Advanced Dual Wield.


Both of these Stigma will net you quite a bit on the Auction House, the Sorcerer will grab you even more. The Gladiator will net you about 50-100k Aion Gold depending on your server and the Sorcerer will net you millions of gold.


Curse of Roots Farming Location


- Healing Conduit for Chanters & Flurry for Assassins


The final place to farm Stigma at level 20 is the Poison Wing Vespine in Brusthonin. These mobs have a chance to drop both Flurry for Assassins and the Healing Conduit for Chanters. The Poison Wing Vespines are quite spread out over the whole area around the Polluted Waste.


This area is probably the worst place to farm for Stigma out of all the level 20 Stigma Farming areas. If you need the Chanter or Assassin Stigma or if for some reason it is inflated on your server, I'd actually only recommend you farm here.


That’s all about farming guide of level 20. If you want to learn about more Aion Asmodian Guide, you can come to the Professional Gaming Site MmoGah, and where you can also Buy Safe Aion Kinah with Cheap Prices. Waiting for you visit!


Note: this guide is referred to Almar’s Aion Farming Guide.


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