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Aion 6.0: New Manastone System Guide

Nancy G July 17th, 2018 Aion   

Today, I will show you Aion 6.0 manastone socketing and manastones in general. Manastones are socketable items that add special stat enhancements for weapons and armor. If you fail socketing a manastone, it will be destroyed. Now I am going to show you guys how it works.


We are going to see exactly what we can do with the piece of gear. You have chances to get the ingredients for unlocking slots. You need to know that in 6.0, every piece of gear has manastone slots, so you can socket manastones everywhere from accessories to armor, to weapons, to feather and to bracelet. Each piece of gear has three manastone slots, as you can see there are three on the best PvE gear, and three on the best PvP gear. Accessories also have three bracelets and three weapons and so on, and these are the basic manastones.



In terms of manastones, everything on 5.8 has been removed. So there are no more enchant, stats and purple ones etc. There is only one type of manastone that has various levels, and there are level 20, 40, 60 and 80 manastones. Level 80 is the highest level of manastone.


Let’s work on these pants. We go to boost modify enchant and we go first to manastone slot expansion. As you can see here, if the piece of gear that you want to work on doesn't have the slots opened, then it's not go to show the actual socketing window.



So that's another fun thing about 6.0. The fact that before you socket manastones, you need to unlock the slots. How you unlock the slots is really easy with these manastone fragments. How you get these manastone fragments is by extracting red, purple, yellow pieces of gear.


You can see that manastone slot expansion. Now you know how to get them and how to use them. It costs 250 Aion Kinah for the first slot, 375 kinah for the second slot and 500 kinah to unlock the third slot.



Manastone socketing: this is the place where you do it. Unlocking slots doesn't cost kinah but socketing manastone does. It is very important for you to know that 214 new kinah is 2.1 mil old kinah. Even if you succeed or if you fail.



We will see exactly how many times we need to enchant in order to actually get something on these pants. We had like what 4 and another 6 tries to socket this block 60 on the pair of pants. Now let's equip the pants. Let’s try with 8 pieces of crit strike for example. Crit strike is the most expensive and kind of most needed manastone in the game. I will try that on my bracelet.


You can get manastones from various activities such as PvP, PvE and so on inside the game. If you want to know more about manastones, you can watch Sywo’s original video. If you want to know more Aion Guide, you can come to MmoGah, which is a professional online gaming store. And you can also Buy Cheap Aion Gold here.  

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