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Aion 6.0: New Enchanting System Guide

Nancy G July 11th, 2018 Aion   

Hey guys, in this article I will show you Aion enchanting and something related to that. I am going to show you how it works, as Aion 6.0 fantastic patch changes enchanting as well the maximum number of enchants that you can get per hour item is 15 and doesn't matter if it's a PvP, PvE, weapon, armor, necklace whatever. All items can be enchanted to 15.


One very important key thing to note about enchanting is the rates, and I will show you the rates now. You can see that they have been highly improved compared to 5.x and whatever parts of Aion history so far. I will explain this picture to you.


(Rates are collected from Gregory)


If you want to enchant an ultimate piece of gear which is the red gear, you will be working on this one right here.


Then if you use a legendary stone which is a purple stone, you have from 1 to 3 100% success rate. From starting 4 up still 6, you have 82% success rate. From 7 to 9, you have 62% and so on. Above 10 if you use a purple stone on a red piece of gear.


The same if you use an ultimate stone which is one of these red stones right here on an ultimate piece of gear, at the end it goes 10% higher from 10 onwards up until 15. Let's see exactly how it works, so let's start with the sword.



If you enchant your sword to plus 15 or any other piece to plus 15, you can still reroll the stats on it. Let's start using for example on the stone, and I will start using these purple stones. You can see it costs a lot to enchant 264k Aion kinah to enchant and that's kind of a big deal. If you use purple enchantment stones on a red gear and they fail, then the level goes back one. If you use red enchantment gears, then the level doesn't go down, it stays the same. If you want to know more details about enchanting, you can view the original video made by Sywo.



Keep in mind: it is more worth to enchant one item to plus 15, then four items to plus 10. Then from plus 11 to plus 12 and from plus 12 to plus 13, you get basically as much PvE attack, PvP attack and defense as you get from plus 1 to plus 7, so it is much more worth to have one item to 15, then have 4 items just to plus 10. It is harder but it is worth it in terms of how much more impact you will see your character have in PvE and PvP alike.


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