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Elden Ring Larval Tear Farming Guide

Nancy GApril 15th, 2022 744

Larval Tear is the key Item in Elden Ring to grant rebirth. Today the best gaming store MmoGah will show you all the 18 Larval Tear Farming Guide, hoping to help you a lot.

Elden Ring Item Build: Where to find, How to Upgrade, and Replenish Flasks

AnsleyApril 15th, 2022 613

Flasks, which can replenish health and mana, are consumable items playing a crucial role in Elden Ring. So MmoGah will share a build regarding where to get, how to upgrade, and how to replenish flasks. If you are interested, read on.

Lost Ark Battle Pass: Release Date and Everything We Know About It

Michel ZApril 15th, 2022 549

One of the biggest trends in gaming is the addition of Battle Passes and seasons. As a popular free-to-play MMORPG, Lost Ark also has a Battle Pass in its Korean version – Ark Pass. Is Ark Pass coming to the Western version of Lost Ark? When will it come? You can find the answers on MmoGah.

Lost Ark Abyss Raid Guide: How to Complete Argos Phase 3 Quickly

JessieApril 14th, 2022 530

Argos is a very powerful Guardian in Lost Ark. Players have to finish three phases to defeat it. In this guide, MmoGah will share some of the most vital information to help players defeat it fast in phase 3.

The Most Efficient Way to Get 4x3 Engravings on Lost Ark with Auto-Chart

AnnaApril 14th, 2022 485

Using Auto-Chart efficiently can help us find 4x3 engravings (also 3x3, or 5x3). Today, we will explain how and let's jump right into it.

How to Get Honing Materials in Lost Ark

Michel ZApril 14th, 2022 733

Honing materials are essential for upgrading item level in Lost Ark. If you are grinding upgrade materials, especially the Harmony Shards, or if you want to get Gold in Lost Ark by trading materials, you are in the right place.

2022 Easter 5% Sales Promotion at MmoGah from April 15 to April 21

PennyApril 14th, 2022 362

As a movable feast, Easter in 2022 is held on April 17, which is later than the years before, but Sunday as always. So MmoGah has a seven-day promotion for Easter starting on April 15 to express gratitude to all our customers over the years.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 Main Content and Where to Unlock It

NightmareApril 13th, 2022 548

The new Patch 6.1 is alive in Final Fantasy XIV, and there are many new contents. I will list out the main contents in this article and where to unlock them.

Elden Ring Rune Arc Farming Guide

Shirley HuangApril 13th, 2022 955

Throughout the journey in Elden Ring, players have to level up their characters and strengthen their gear or weapons to defeat each tough boss. Defeating the six main bosses will reward you with Elden Ring Runes and Great Runes. These special items in Elden Ring require Rune Arcs to be bound to them, awarding players HP, FP, and Stamina.

Final Fantasy XIV Easy Ocean Fishing Guide

NightmareApril 10th, 2022 823

This article will teach you the basics of ocean fishing in Final Fantasy XIV, so you can level up your Fisher, get the Mount, get the title "Master of the Sea," and make FFXIV Gil by selling all fish.

12 Mistakes and Tips in Elden Ring

Nancy GApril 09th, 2022 959

Elden Ring is a challenging game. You can easily make some mistakes that can be very costly for you. Today MmoGah will be going over a variety of mistakes that you want to avoid making to make sure that your experience gets even better.

Top 8 Best Builds in Elden Ring - The Best Weapon Builds

Shirley HuangApril 08th, 2022 1277

Are you looking for the best Elden Ring builds? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today MmoGah.com will share the top 8 best builds with Elden Ring fans. These powerful builds will make adventuring and fighting through the world of Elden Ring feel like a walk at the local park. Let's get started.

Lost Ark Gems Guide: Basic Information About Gems and How to Get Them

JessieApril 08th, 2022 1030

Gem System is a vital part of Smilegate's Lost Ark. You can add gems to your active skills to improve your damage and cooldown skills. In this guide, MmoGah will explain all the information about Lost Ark gems.

Elden Ring Discovery & Arcane - Increasing the Chance of Items Dropping

AnsleyApril 08th, 2022 896

It is not a good experience when players spend several hours running around like a headless chicken farming Elden Ring Items but are not getting many of them. Is there anything to help players avoid this situation? This time, MmoGah will share Arekkz Gaming's videos about the two stats to increase the chance of dropping Elden Ring items.

Guide to Lost Ark Currencies

Michel ZApril 08th, 2022 868

It is well known that Gold is an important currency for trading between players in Lost Ark. But besides Gold, there are still a ton of currencies playing significant roles in their respective fields. To better understand the various currencies you may come across, please don't miss this guide.

Elden Ring Runes, Items, and Boost Promotion at MmoGah Starts on April 8

Shirley HuangApril 08th, 2022 992

Elden Ring has been out for over one month, and it has been very popular among a large number of players. In order to give back to old and new customers, MmoGah.com will hold a big promotion - 5% OFF.

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