WoW Dragonflight: Everything You Need to Know about Dracthyr Evoker

By Danikhan2022-11-25

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight introduces the Dracthyr as a playable race, as well as the Evoker, a new class with a focus on dragons. In World of Warcraft, Dracthyr is the first race to have access to the Evoker class, and the Evoker class is the only class currently available to Dracthyr.


Adjusting to a new class is difficult enough without having to deal with World of Warcraft's brand-new and scary talent tree system. This guide will delve further into the lore of the Dracthyr, the role, and the mechanics that you can expect from this class.


While both Dragonflight and the Evoker hero class are new to the game (they were only released this month), we can have a peek at some of the new features they bring right now. Here, we'll take a deep dive into all you need to know about this race.





Neltharion, the dark aspect of the dragon, created the Dracthyrs. In later years, he became known as Deathwing, the dreadful force responsible for disasters all throughout Azeroth. His goal was to breed a single creature with the abilities of all five major Dragonflight, making it the ideal fighting machine. Under the direction of the Earth-Warder, evokers put their skills to use protecting dragons everywhere. The trip is long, and just a handful of Dracthyrs will be responsible for it. But those who succeed in realizing their full potential will be recognized as Evokers.


Using the dragons' strength, they defeat enemies and sustain allies. Evoker is a Healer or RDPS who prefers to wear mail. They have access to daggers, staves, fist weapons, one-handed swords, axes, and mace. Although they can't dual-wield, they can use off-hand items.


The Dracthyr are the only species capable of playing this class, making them truly exceptional. They have the same flexibility as Pandarens in joining either the Alliance or the Horde. The Dracthyr/Evoker class can also utilize the Dragon Riding mechanisms without the need for a dragon.



Beginning at level 58, the Evoker is a Hero Class that can only be taken by Dracthyr. Like Death Knights and Demon Hunters, Evokers can only be created on servers where the player already has a character of level 50 or above.


It's also important to note that each server can only have a single Evoker. The Forbidden Reach of the Dragon Isles is the starting zone for Dracthyr, and it is located to the north-northwest of the Eastern Kingdoms.



As it stands, DPS and Healer are the only available specialties for the Evoker class. The Devastation Specialization is in charge of dealing damage, whereas the Preservation Specialization is in charge of healing. The former is characterized by highly mobile spell casting at medium range. The latter has less range than most healers, but is more agile, making them one of the best in the game.


Heroes will make use of a wide variety of Essences, each tailored to their unique specialization. Specifically, Evokers will make extensive use of a new resource called Essence, which replenishes over time. Dracthyrs can draw from a reservoir of spell power that represents the combined power of all the dragon flights, allowing them access to all colors of the rainbow.


Preservation typically relies on green and bronze magic. Healers will find a lot to like in the former, which includes powerful area-of-effect healing spells. To speed up HP regeneration, reverse status effects, and boost healing spell efficiency, the latter makes use of time-altering magic. Devastation employs blue and red spells. The blue magic uses fatal, focused attacks. The Red's explosive area-of-effect damage is particularly damaging.


Tips for Leveling


Starting Location

The story of the Dracthyr, the perfect soldiers made by Neltharion, is told in the starter zone. During the War of the Ancients, when the Dragon Isles lost a lot of their magic, the Dracthyr fell into a deep sleep. Now that the islands are filled with elemental magic again, so are the Dracthyr.


Those who have experienced the other Hero class starting zones for Death Knights or Demon Hunters will find a lot to like in this new area. You begin with a small set of abilities, and more are unlocked as you explore the environment. When you level up to Dragonflight, you'll be able to upgrade your initial gear to rare items that will make you better prepared for the zones. You will also learn how to make use of your natural flying ability.


Up to the last chapter of their respective leveling campaigns, Alliance and Horde Dracthyr in Forbidden Reach have the same leveling experience. The only real distinction is that, unlike in other zones, you won't run across any enemies while you're in Forbidden Reach if you're a Dracthyr. After completing the leveling campaign, you will be taken to either Stormwind City or Orgrimmar to complete the storyline and begin your adventures in Dragonflight.


Devastation Evoker

Always make good use of your cooldowns. When you know that Dragonrage will soon be active, it's time to prepare a massive pull. Do your best to make use of your cooldowns as often as possible. This contains protective abilities like Obsidian Scales and Renewing Blaze as well as offensive ones like Deep Breath.  Although effective, Evoker can be overcome by a sufficiently powerful melee attack. Landslide, Wing Buffet, and Tail Swipe should be used frequently.


Have no fear of taking bold action. If you're afraid of straining too hard, you'll never know how far you can go. Learning to use your AoE effectively against enemies is a great method to improve your play and level up more rapidly.


It's best to leave a negative situation as soon as possible. If you can get some distance from your enemies, Devastation Evoker possesses decent healing and can recover quickly. Put Visage to good use. It's not wonderful to be in Dragon form, but the automatic healing is nice while you're not in battle. Use it while leveling up.


Preservation Evoker

In terms of CC, Evoker is incredibly potent. You should keep them keyed in and utilize them frequently. Key abilities like Tail Swipe, Wing Buffet, Quell, and Azure Strike to inflict a slow will benefit you a great deal as you progress through the levels.


Focus your global cooldowns on dealing damage as much as possible. If you've been pulling a lot and are getting low, you can use Verdant Embrace or another ultra-efficient button if you need to drop a Reversion on yourself in between draws. It is a good idea to use the Ancient Flame, so if things get really hairy, you can just keep spamming Living Flame casts on yourself while your bigger buttons recharge.


Take extra precautions when around powerful mobs. If you are in a good position to win, so you should probably just pick them off one by one instead of in groups. Keep options like Obsidian Scales in mind for when you need to use them as a defense.


Turning on War Mode will increase your experience gain. This is dangerous, as it's possible to lose experience gains by dying in PvP, but the rewards can be substantial if you're playing in a small group. 


Empowered Spells

The Dracthyrs, like members of many other species, have access to special talents that are unique to them. These characteristics have a significant impact on how this race is played, so familiarizing oneself with them can improve one's performance. Here are some of the things that make the Dracthyrs stand out:


Empowered Spells are a special ability available only to Evokers. Before launching an attack, Dracthyrs must first take a deep breath. The power of the spell increases in proportion to the time you spend without breathing normally. The move Fire Breath is a good example of a technique that depends on this characteristic.


Two different approaches to this mechanism are available to players, and both can be modified in the Gameplay-Controls menu to suit individual tastes. Both the Hold and Release and Press and Tap methods are available to heroes. To charge an attack before casting it, players of the former option must hold down an ability key. The second option requires a second tap to activate. A charge bar will still be present in both of these options.


While their powers are charging, players can change the direction they will strike. However, the channeling process can be stopped at any time. You can turn to adjust your aim, but any forward or backward motion will erase the effect.



What we've seen so far suggests that the Evoker is heads and shoulders above its rivals in terms of both healing and damage output. It's a good idea to spend some time with it before it releases on November 28, playing around and fine-tuning your approach. We also promise to keep this guide up to date, and if you're interested, our website will feature a plethora of similar Evoker guides, so be sure to look into them as well.

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