WoW Dragonflight Enhancement Shaman Guide for Mythic+

By Penny2023-03-14

This article is a Windfury Build of Enhancement Shaman for Mythic+ in WoW Dragonflight. The pros about this build are that this build is extremely easy to play, and because of the nature of its RNG, it also has a really high damage ceiling, meaning that you're capable of doing good damage if you get good RNG. But it also has a possibility for a very low damage ceiling, assuming you get bad RNG. Now, let’s get into it!






These are the talents you should be running. Important talents on the left side of the Shaman tree are Lava Burst, since it gives us two charges of Elemental blast, and Improved Lightning Bolts, since it increases our lightning bolt damage by 20%.


To start off the Enhancement tree, we will start by taking Windfury Weapon, Forceful Winds, and Unruly Winds. These three talent passive buffs are Stormstrike, Sundering, and Crash Lightning damage. We also want to take all three Maelstrom related talents, with the main focus being on Overflowing Maelstrom. Overflowing Maelstrom is very useful to take because it can remove a lot of the Maelstrom bloat that we often get with this build.


Then take one point into Lava Lash and one point into Molten Assault. The reason why you run Lava Lash is that it's a solid filler ability to use when you don't have Stormstrike, Crash Lightning, or any Maelstrom to spend. The reason why you run Molten Assault is purely for bosses, so you're able to refresh your Flame Shock duration on them. This also makes keeping Flame Shock up on three targets very easy.


Take Sundering and Crash Lightning since these two will contribute a heavy amount of Windfury damage and will also be one of your main sources of AoE damage.


Take Doom Winds: Doom Winds is a really strong 1.5-minute cooldown that increases your chance to activate Windfury Weapon by 200% and also increases Windfury damage by 10% for 8 seconds.


Elemental Blast: Elemental Blasts offers a really high amount of single target damage based on the raw damage that the ability itself does. Take Storm's Wrath to increase our chance of resetting Stormstrike. Take two points into Elemental Weapons for added elements damage. Take one point into Crashing Storms to increase our Crash Lightning damage and also increase the number of targets that Chain Lightning can hit.


This point is where the build starts to get interesting. You want to talent into Feral Spirit to have a good baseline cooldown, as well as take Witch Doctor's Ancestry, which will lower the cooldown of Feral Spirit every time you gain Maelstrom.


After this, take Alpha Wolf. It upgrades your Feral Spirits to strike all nearby enemies every time you use Chain Lightning or Crash Lightning. Take two points into Legacy of the Frost Witch since doing so will allow us to reset Stormstrike every time we spend 10 Maelstroms as well as give us a nice 25% physical buff, which will apply directly to our Windfury damage.


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Next, you want to take Deeply Rooted Elements. It gives our Stormstrike a 7% chance to proc Ascendance for six seconds. Ascendance will allow us to change our Stormstrike to Wind Strike and decrease the cooldown of Wind Strike by 60%. This talent by itself isn't very strong. However, if you pair it with Static Accumulation and Thorim's Invocation, this talent becomes the most important talent for this build.


Static Accumulation causes our Ascendance to generate two Maelstrom for every second. When you talent into Thorim's Invocation, every time you Windstrike, you consume your Maelstrom weapon to automatically discharge a Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning at your enemy. This talent alone gives us plenty of flexibility in terms of doing either single target or AoE damage since we can choose whether the Windstrike casts a Lightning Bolt or a Chain Lightning.



Now that you have a clear understanding of what the talents can do, let's put them into effect with the rotation. Your opener should go as follows.


Start your opener by putting Windfury Totem down. First, send your Flame Shock, then immediately follow that up with your Feral Spirits. After this, click Doom Winds, then immediately follow that up with a Crash Lightning on all the enemies in front of you.


From here on out, you want to follow this priority list. Always keep your Feral Spirits and Doom Winds on cooldown. If you don't have the Crash Lightning buff, then immediately use Crash Lightning. If you happen to proc Ascendance, your Windstrike is your next priority. During your Ascendance windows, if your Stormstrike doesn't immediately reset, then cast Sundering. If you don't have Sundering up, then cast Crash Lightning. If you're outside of Ascendance and you don't have Maelstrom to spend, and you don't have Sundering or Crash Lightning, then cast Stormstrike. If all of that is down, use Flame Shock and spread it with Lava Lash. Use Frost Shock if you have nothing else to press and if Frost Shock is on cooldown and you still have nothing to press, spend your Maelstrom on Chain Lightning.



The large bulk of your AoE damage is going to come from DRE Procs. Cast Sundering and Crash Lightning as much as you can because Sundering and Crash Lightning have a chance to apply your Windfury attack. It's also important to note that if you use Doom Winds, you should immediately follow with a Crash Lightning. The reason why is that Doom Winds will guarantee that your Crash Lightning will apply Windfury attack.


Crash Lightning cooldown is also short enough that if you use it at the start, there's a possibility that you'll be able to use it again towards the end of the Doom Winds window. If you're fighting a pack of three mobs or less, you should use Elemental Blast instead of Chain Lightning.



There is a lot of information here, but this build is really easy to play. Here is a short summary.


Keep Feral Spirits and Doom Winds on cooldown; spam Crash Lightning and ten stack Chain Lightning as much as possible; keep Thundering on cooldown and then spam Stormstrike if you proc Ascendance, spam Windstrike.

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