Will My Account Get Banned for Buying WoW Gold

By Penny2021-10-13

This is a question that has been asked by many of our customers: will I get banned because of buying World of Warcraft Gold at your store? Today we are here to answer the question: NO


None of our customers get banned so far for buying WoW Gold at MmoGah. You don’t need to worry about getting banned if you only buy WoW Gold and don’t sell it.


Will My Account Get Banned for Buying WoW Gold


But as we all know, buying gold itself is an act that breaks the rules of Blizzard, so there indeed exist cases where our customers’ accounts got temporarily suspended for three days, which would result in your gold getting removed by Blizzard. However, this doesn’t happen all the time; it is intermittent, maybe just once or twice a year, so we are safe almost all the time.


But once, unfortunately, your account gets suspended, there is also no need to worry because our site has made a compensation declaration to deal with it. We can bear up to 50% loss of your removed gold (traded via AH), whose price should be no more than 50 dollars, within 24 hours of us completing the order.


Undoubtedly, we would do everything we can, for example, use safe delivery methods to keep our customers’ accounts safe. Not just that, we also aim to make our customers satisfied with every purchase they’ve made at MmoGah. 2021 is our 15th year in the gaming industry, so the accumulated experience allows us to provide more professional service.


All in all, you can buy WoW Gold with confidence at MmoGah. If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us via 24/7 Live Chat.

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