Top 5 Professions for WoW Dragonflight Gold Making

By Penny2022-11-30

The Profession system is getting a massive overhaul in WoW 10.0, which means there's a lot of potential for making a whole bunch of Dragonflight gold with Professions, especially early on. So we listed top 5 Professions here for your reference to help you make some easy gold.


Professions in Dragonflight

You can level up in the old way - make recipes, get skills up, and eventually cap out, up to 100. But what is different in Dragonflight is that for any crafting profession, level 50 is where you can learn almost anything in the expansion, so you don't have to get to 100 to learn every recipe.


But sometimes, it's not just new recipes. Dragonflight introduces the quality mechanic. Your skill translates directly into quality. The higher your skill, the higher-quality stuff you can make. For gatherers, this means the higher quality of raw materials you can gather, and higher-quality raw materials also increase the quality of any crafted good. So this means you will want to cap out your profession skills as quickly as you can.


The next is about Profession knowledge and specializations. You can earn knowledge from a variety of places. For crafters, it primarily comes from crafting new recipes for the first time. For gatherers, it is when they are gathering, which is more RNG based. There are also quests which reward Profession knowledge. For every 25 points you level up in your Profession, you can learn a specialization. Pretty much every point you spend in a specialization is going to increase the quality of a certain type of item you can craft.


It seems like we end up with massive potential in Professions for the Dragonflight expansion, but the real key here is investment, about time and gold. The longer you spend on a Profession, the better your results will be. If you stick with a Profession, you can end up in a place where you can make a whole bunch of gold in Dragonflight.



The potential in gathering is staggering. For Mining, we have three ores to collect. Serevite ore is the common ore and can be found in any Serevite Mining Node. Draconlum is the rarer ore this time that also has its own nodes, so you'll find fewer nodes when compared to Serevite ore, which means this will probably be a bit annoying to collect. The rarest ore is Khaz’ gorite, which can only be occasionally found while you are mining other ores, so this one is pretty RNG.


You'll also find elemental or empowered nodes in your mining Adventures.




These nodes always contain some of the new elemental crafting reagents, rousing elements. These can be turned into awakened elements, which are going to be very useful in crafting.


Mining will probably be a good gold source this time because it will fuel all sorts of recipes and crafts. Developers are really trying to make sure everyone works together this time so it is also going to be more useful than in the previous expansion. If you really stick with Mining and work through the specializations, you'll be gathering a bunch of high-quality materials and you are able to mine while mounted, which can speed everything up considerably, and you'll have access to a lot of rousing materials, or even gather very rare gems directly, which are needed in Jewelcrafting.



We have four herbs to collect, Hochenblume, Saxifrage, Writhebark, and Bubble Poppy. They can be found in a wide variety of areas, so you'll be hunting all over the Dragon Isles for these herbs. You can also find empowered or elemental Herbalism nodes, just like with Mining.


Herbalists also have access to seed planting. While gathering herbs, you will sometimes receive seeds that you can plant in rich soil to get herbs. Rich soil tends to be found where the dragon flights are more focused.


plant seeds


Herbs are going to be very useful. They will fuel Alchemy potions and Inscription inks as well as various recipes across other professions. The higher the quality, the better those crafts will be, especially potions, so Herbalism is going to be a great easy gold maker.



The next is the crafting category. For Blacksmiths, they'll be able to make all sorts of weapons, except the ranged weapons and magic weapons, but they can make every melee weapon as well as shields, so they'll have a wide audience in terms of weapon sales.


They will also be crafting plate armor, which will be great alongside weapon crafting, and there are a few extra bits and bobs, like repairing Hammers and sharpening Stones. Blacksmithing also has a lot of profession gear recipes. They can make a lot of tools and even some accessories, so that's something to look into early on in Dragonflight.



For Leatherworkers, they'll be making both leather and mail armor that immediately give them a huge audience to craft gear for, including the new Evoker class, so that's going to be great. They also have special Elemental patterns, which are basically special crafted gear. All of this gear comes with special effects, but those effects do count as embellishments, and you can only have two embellishments on your gear at any one time, so these effects have to be really good to take up one of those two slots. They can also make special Leatherworking reagents, some finishing materials, armor kits for leg enchants as well as one or two ranged weapons for the hunters. Leatherworkers also get a lot of profession gear recipes, almost as many as Blacksmithing, so that's another great early gold-making option.



For Jewelcrafting, we have some very interesting items and options. There are a whole bunch of different types of gems, air gems, earth gems, fire gems, frost gems, and primalist gems. They each do slightly different things, and you'll need to specialize differently to improve your craft of each.


Gems also have quality ranks, and the higher your quality, the more stats the gem will offer, so the more gold people will pay for them. You can also craft jewelry, like rings or necklaces. They all come with a socket for free. The necklaces have special effects that interact with your socketed gems, providing powerful effects. Jewelcrafters can also craft some very interesting trinkets that directly interact with their socketed gems, which is really cool.


The most interesting item for Jewelcrafters is the Tiered Medallion setting. This item allows you to add one socket up to a maximum of three sockets to any neck piece, so you can get three sockets on your neck from these items. But you can only add one socket per quality level of the Medallion, so to add the third socket, you will need a quality three Medallion, which is expensive, and this could cost Jewel Crafters a lot of gold early on.



All in all, if all you want is easy gold, pick up Mining and Herbalism. These two Gathering professions have access to so many materials, and the higher quality, the rarer materials, the more gold. With Dragonriding in the new expansion, it will become easy and fun while you are gathering.


For Crafting, Blacksmithing has access to a whole bunch of profession gear recipes. And Profession gear will be very easy gold in the early expansion. Leatherworking also has great gold potential, not just profession gear recipes, Leatherworkers also craft both leather and mail armor, and the good news is that the new class Evoker wears mail armor. The last pick would be Jewelcrafting. It is also a good gold source. The first player who got the high-quality craft of the Medallion item is going to be rich.


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