The Best Classes You Should Main in WoW Dragonflight

By zaryab2022-11-08


After numerous leaks and speculations, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been released publicly. World of Warcraft, which has seen its player population decrease in recent years due to intense competition from games like Final Fantasy XIV and Lost Ark, is taking a high-stakes gamble with the Dragonflight expansion. Blizzard wants to create a game that might appeal to new players who haven't yet entered Azeroth in addition to earning back the faith of lapsed WoW players who are fed up with the current systems. This further expansion takes place on a large new continent dubbed the Dragon Isle. The Isles were half-finished landmasses without textures in the game's code and narrative for almost two decades. In the past, some players could even enter the unfinished areas through glitches, but it now appears that they will be fully developed as part of this upcoming addition.


In addition to adding a new continent with five new zones, Blizzard is also updating several of the game's basic mechanics and adding a new playable race and class. Here is exactly everything you will learn about the best classes in WoW Dragonflight.


New Race & Class of Dragonflight: DRACTHYR EVOKER

It was disclosed a long ago that World of Warcraft Dragonflight would feature a new race class. The Dragon Isles are home to the human-like drakes known as Dracthyr. Similar to the Pandaren, they are a race that may serve either the Horde or the Alliance and have transforming powers akin to those of the Worgen, capable of changing between a more elf-human form and a draconic, scaled form. The Evoker's new dark green class color is darker than the hunter and monk greens. Additionally, only those who purchase Dragonflight will have access to Dracthyr.


Deathwing artificially produced the Dracthyr, who was then lost to time as a result of an unspecified conflict. As part of the plot, the Dracthyr are now being released after being imprisoned in the Forbidden Reach.


Dracthyr Evokers can use their claws and fiery breath attacks to combat from a distance or the life-giving magic of renewal to strengthen their allies. Whichever direction you choose, you can magically charge up your assaults and release them at just the right moment to maximize their impact.


Revised Talent Tree System

Though it hasn't been available in World of Warcraft since the Cataclysm expansion's 2012 conclusion, the talent tree isn't entirely new to the game. Although much more constrained and confined to your chosen specialization, talents are still present.


The skill trees in Dragonflight are more akin to the versions from before Mists of Pandaria; however, this time, your options are restricted by your spec.


With the return of skill trees, the World of Warcraft talent system has undergone a thorough redesign in Dragonflight. Each class now has access to two different talent trees: a Class Tree and a Specialization Tree, as opposed to only being able to choose from one skill in each row. This is because current characters place a lot of emphasis on both class-wide and specialization-specific themes.


There is a "basic" talent tree for each class, followed by a secondary tree for your selected specialization. You cannot ignore the class tree and put all your points into your specialization or vice versa because the talent points are divided equally.


Best Classes You Should Main in WoW Dragonflight




There are various classes available depending on your race. Your race limits the class options you have. As a character develops, they can specialize their skills by allocating class talent points to one of three different talent trees. Every class has a unique talent tree. Which class is the best, then?


Let’s find out!


Windwalker Monk

In season 4 of Shadowlands, Windwalker Monks have dominated the DPS meters, and we don't anticipate that to change. With the Pre-Patch adjustments to the talent system, most of their basic gameplay is still present and even gets faster. They primarily excel in AoE circumstances. Hence they are anticipated to be fantastic in Mythic+ gameplay. They have also had their single-target damage against Shadowlands increased. When equipped with the right gear, they can really come in handy. You can get armor and gears from the Auction House via WoW gold. Get affordable Gold of WoW from wherever you can.  


Affliction Warlock

So far, the gameplay of Affliction Warlocks in Dragonflight is very similar to that of Shadowlands. They do decent AoE damage but excel at single-target damage. Their single-target skills in raids will unquestionably be the best, but we don't anticipate them to perform as well as they did in Mythic+.


Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shamans gained benefits from both a CC and AoE/Mythic+ angle. The new skill options for Enhancement Shamans provide a wide range of possibilities rather than focusing on just one or two. The spec is even more appealing to gamers because of its versatility in playstyle. This specialization takes the top rank as the greatest class because of its friendly playstyle and well-balanced damage in all gameplay areas.


Arms Warrior

For DPS, Arms Warriors are on the edge of top class. It was difficult to consider it as the best class, but just a few might be able to rule supreme. Depending on their build choice, they seem to be able to spec greatly into either single-target OR AoE, which causes them to thrive on some encounters yet lag in others. Whatever way you want to look at it, there will be less flexibility in many instances. However, their damage has been constant since the pre-patch. Therefore, they are a little less capable.


Frost Death Knights

Although the Frost Death Knights' gameplay has not altered much since Shadowlands, there are now more options to customize and advance the builds you want, thanks to the new talent system redesign. Breath of Sindragosa works in conjunction with a few other talents to extend its duration, resulting in longer bursts of high damage when it is active. The Frost DK is elevated as even more helpful and propelled into top class because they can also learn class talents from a defensive perspective.


Fire Mages

The playstyle and atmosphere that Fire Mages had in Shadowlands are still mostly present. They excel at single-target damage thanks to Mastery: Ignite, Combustion, Firestarter, and Searing Touch, plus they have very high AoE sustained damage. They are clearly feeling top-class caliber after you add in additional survivability from numerous possible talents like Greater Invisibility, Blazing Barrior, Alter Time, and even Ice Block.


Ret Paladin

Retribution Paladins have improved since their time in the Shadowlands. It will be significantly improved since Shadowlands when Avenging Wrath and Crusade are combined, especially in the AoE area. The single-target damage and usefulness will be comparable to Shadowlands, but Mythic+ will love the AoE because it appears to be in a fantastic spot. Combining this with the excellent utility the Paladin offers the squad, we have a solid tier ranking.


Beast Mastery Hunters

The Beast Mastery Hunters spec is particularly mobility because you can perform almost all your talents while moving, significantly increasing the spec's survivability. Although most of your animals will operate within melee range, being a ranged DPS gives you greater freedom to escape melee damage. Since Shadowlands, the gameplay has remained essentially unchanged, and both damage output and resilience are excellent.


Havoc Demon Hunters

Since Shadowlands, Havoc Demon Hunters' gameplay has significantly changed due to the redesigned talent trees. They will probably deal more damage than before because they have been deemed boosted since the last expansion, which will be enough to make them top specs. They should still be more than capable in the majority of situations, and playing them is undoubtedly enjoyable.



The Evoker class is a brand-new one for Dragonflight, and Dracthyr Evokers start off in their own starter zone, the Forbidden Reach, at level 58. The two specialties that Evoker can choose from are devastation and preservation. Devastation, a DPS spec, is set up to use strikes that have the explosive force of the red Dragonflight. Preservation Evokers employ the abilities of the green Dragonflight to care for their comrades and the time magic of the bronze Dragonflight to heal their companions more quickly or to reverse injuries. Overall, the course appears to be fun and well-thought-out, but testing has revealed that it requires a lot of skill and is generally challenging to use.



It is too soon to determine which Dragonflight class is the strongest because this is only the pre-patch, and the new expansion will give everyone not only extra points to spend in the talent try, which will unlock new abilities and empower other ones, but also new gear, which will help to scale specializations become a bit stronger.


If you are returning to World of Warcraft after a break, the quickest way to level up in the new expansion Dragonflight and get ready for the WoW Mythic raiding once they are unlocked in Dragonflight is to pick up anything strong right now. Warlock, Paladin, Death Knight, and Monk are, without a doubt, the classes to commit to right now because they are not only effective in their current roles, but some of them are also incredibly adaptable for other roles.


Priest, Rogue, and Druid are the ones you should consider avoiding, at least if you want to deal damage, as their performance is either average or incredibly terrible, at least in terms of PvE content. PvP is still in its early stages, but if you can find the appropriate combination in Dragonflight, you can probably play anything.

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