A Complete Guide to WoW Dragonflight Legendary Weapon Fyr'alath, the Dream Render – How to Get & All the Quests

By Penny2023-12-06

Today, we will introduce a guide on how you can get the new legendary weapon Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender from Fyr’alath in Amirdrassil raid, shared by Thraun Gaming on his Youtube channel. In order to get it, you will need first to kill Fyr’alath, and then you will have to complete different quests. Although this is a pretty long quest line, it's really worth it because the weapon is very powerful, and it also looks super nice. And in the process, you are required to collect all the different materials. If you don’t want to farm them one by one, buy them directly on AH by spending some WoW gold.


What Is Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender

Fyr'alath, the Dream Render, is a legendary weapon that was introduced in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.2. It is a two-handed axe that greatly increases the strength of characters who can equip it, such as warriors, death knights, and paladins. It also has a unique effect that allows the wielder to enter the Emerald Dream, a realm of nature and magic, and unleash powerful attacks on their enemies.



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Kill Fyr’alath  

The first step is to kill Fyr’alath and get the weapon. You can do it on any difficulty. In LFR, it's going to be more difficult than in Heroic or Mythic. In Mythic, it will be a group loot. When in Heroic, Normal, and LFR, it will be a personal loot. The good news is that you can get Lesser Ember of Fyr’alath and Greater Ember of Fyr’alath from other different Bosses in Amirdrassil raid to increase the chance of getting this legendary weapon from Fyr’alath.



When you equip the weapon you got, it will say that you are not prepared to equip it, and then it will start a quest. Accept the quest, and you will enter the Azerothian Archives to talk to Eadweard Dalyngrigge, who will give you another quest called Handling It. Next to that, you will also get three more quests, Symbiotic Glowspore Grip, Concentrated Sophic Vellum, and Rune of Shadowbinding.


After that, you need to go where the different quest givers are located. Go to the Ohn’ahran Plains, speak to Shalasar Glimmerdusk, and she will give you a quest called Handling It: Radiant Fleck of Ash, which is part of the Concentrated Sophic Vellum. Then talk with Erden, who will give you another quest called Handling It: Shadow Dreamleaf. Finally, you have to go to the Azure Span and talk to Lydiara Whisperfeather. You will be given the next quest: Taut Tethercoil.


Then you need to make your way to the Emerald Dream, and this is probably going to be the longest part of this entire quest line.


First, you need to kill a lot of different Rares in the Emerald Dream to collect Taut Tethercoil, which will help you progress in the Rune of Shadowbinding quest. To complete the quest, you need 50 Taut Tethercoil.


After that, you need 20 Radiant Flecks of Ash to complete the quest: Handling It: Radiant Fleck of Ash. To get them, use Ashen Dowsing Rod in your quest log on different pieces of gear that you get from Emerald Dream and Amirdrassil raid. Each time, you will receive one Radiant Fleck of Ash per armor gear. The easiest way to do it is to use the Fallen Protector Handguards you can purchase from Moon Priestess Lasara at Renown 7 with the Drea Wardens. This means you can purchase 20 pieces (at 300 Dragon Isles Suppliers each, a total of 6000).


For the Symbiotic Glowspore Grip quest, you will need to collect 200 Shadowed Dreamleaf, which will drop from the different activities in the Superbloom Event. You will receive a Tattered Dreamleaf, an item that will be in your bags. Sharing the Tattered Dreamleaf with friendly party members allows them to assist you in finding more Shadowed Dreamleaf. When you use it with your party members, they will receive a quest called Tattered Dreamleaf that requires players to complete different events during the Superbloom. Then, they will receive a Restored Dreamleaf. With it, they will be able to target a holder of Fyr'alath, increasing the rate at which they earn Shadowed Dreamleaf by 50%. At the end of it, in each of the bags that you receive, you will probably get 5 to 20 of them each time. Finally, you can receive 200 Shadowed Dreamleaf.


When you complete these three quests, go back to the different quest givers, where you will receive three items: Prototype Binding Rune for completing Handling It: Taut Tethercoil, Prototype Order Vellum for completing Handling It: Radiant Fleck of Ash, and Prototype Dreamleaf Grip for completing the Handling It: Shadow Dreamleaf quest.


After you complete these quests, you will receive three new quests, which require you to craft different materials. In order to craft these, you will need the help of someone with Leatherworking, Enchanting, and Inscription. Go to the crafting order system and send a personal order with all the different reagents needed to the different players you're working with.


In order to craft Erden’s Dreamleaf Grip with Prototype Dreamleaf Grip, you need 400 Zaralek Glowspores, 3 Obsidian Cobraskin, 5 Dreaming Essence, and 50 Mireslush Hide. In order to craft the Shalasar's Sophic Vellum, you will need 150 Awakened Fire, 100 Awakened Earth, 50 Awakened Order, and 200 Resonant Crystal. In order to craft the last reagent, Lydiara's Binding Rune, you need 10 Shadowflame Essence, 250 Cosmic Ink, and 50 Runed Writhebark.


Once you get these three different items, you can complete the quests. Again, go back and talk to the different quest-givers. And here, for each of them, you will receive another quest.


The first will require you to get Lydiara's Binding Rune. Here, you will get a quest called To the Test: Rune of Shadow Binding. Here, you need to kill Gnarlroot, Igira the Cruel, and Volocross in Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope. Each time, you will be able to be Shadowbounded with these bosses.


For Shalasar's Sophic Vellum, you will receive To the Test: Concentrated Sophic Vellum. Here, all you have to do is to click on the Shalasar's Sophic Vellum, and it will start to spawn some little lava balls. Then you will have Awakened Stability buff, and you will get, for example, 10 Awakened Earth or 10 Awakened Frost; it depends. When you have the 10 of them, you can click on this buff, and then you will receive the Return Resolved Element, and it will contribute 5% to the entire bar that you need to complete, so it means that when you're doing it every 5 minutes, it will probably take around 2 hours in order to complete this quest.


For Erden’s Dreamleaf Grip, you will get To the Test: Symbiotic Glowspore Grip quest and another quest called Adaptive Cooling Salve. Adaptive Cooling Salve requires you to get different types of materials, including 100 Zaralek Glowspores, 5 Awakened Frost, and 1 Dreaming Essence, and it will help you survive when using Erden’s Dreamleaf Grip. You can also just ask some friends who are able to help you heal yourself in this process. You need to do it 10 times without dying, and then you will be able to complete the quest.


With the three items you got from these three different quests, you can then complete the quest Handing It. So go back to Eadweard Dalyngrigge to get the final quest line. You will then be required to work on the quest An Axe Tempered. Then, talk with Wrathion to complete the scenario a Hero’s Resolves. Here, you need to complete the different steps, and the final one is to kill the Echo of Fyrakk.


Then, there will be a cinematic, and then you will be able to complete the quest and finally get your weapon.

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