WoW SoD Rogue: Best Builds, Runes, PvP and Leveling Guide

By Shirley Huang2023-12-22

Rogue is one of the most versatile and powerful classes in PvP, offering a unique gameplay experience. This class has impressive burst damage, stealth, crowd control, mobility, and survivability, and also has access to various runes that enhance his abilities and talents.


However, Rogue also has some challenges, such as being dependent on cooldowns, having limited range, and requiring a lot of skill and strategy to play effectively; he also has to manage his energy, combo points, poisons, and weapon swaps.


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There are two main builds for Rogues this season: Saber Slash and Mutilate. Both builds have different runes that suit their abilities and talents.


Saber Slash Build

This build focuses on Saber Slash as a primary combo points generator, with Slice and Dice, Envenom, and Rupture as your main finishing moves. This build has impressive burst damage and benefits from the presence of a Feral Druid with the Mangle rune.


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The best runes are Slaughter from the Shadows, Saber Slash, Deadly Brew, and Envenom. The best spell is Game IconRupture.


Mutilate Build

This build features the same mandatory talents as the Saber Slash Build. The best runes are Deadly Brew, Envenom, and Mutilate. The best spells are Game IconRelentless Strikes and Game IconLethality.


Best Phase 1 PvP Guide

It requires considering various aspects such as talents, gear, playstyle strategies, and adapting to different combat scenarios. Here's a breakdown to help you excel in PvP as a Rogue:

1. Understanding Rogue Mechanics

Stealth and Surprise: Utilize stealth to control the battlefield. Always attack with the element of surprise.

Energy Management: Learn to manage your energy efficiently for sustained damage output.

Combo Points and Finishers: Master the art of building and spending combo points effectively.


2. Talent Builds

Assassination/Subtlety: Focus on burst damage and control. Ideal for quickly eliminating key targets.

Combat: Offers sustained damage and survivability. Useful in prolonged fights.

Hybrid Builds: Experiment with hybrid builds for a balance between burst and sustained damage.


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3. Gear Selection

Stat Priorities: Focus on Agility for damage, Stamina for survivability, and Critical Strike for burst potential.

Set Bonuses: Look for gear sets that enhance your playstyle (e.g., increased stealth and energy regeneration).

Trinkets and Consumables: Use items that provide temporary boosts in combat.


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4. Combat Strategies

Opener Tactics: Decide between Ambush, Cheap Shot, or Sap based on the situation.

Control and Kite: Utilize stuns, slows, and disorients to control the fight.

Cooldown Management: Use your cooldowns strategically for maximum impact.


5. Matchup Specific Strategies

Versus Casters: Use interrupts and LoS (Line of Sight) to disrupt their casting.

Versus Melee: Maintain distance and kite effectively.

Team Fights: Target healers and squishy DPS first and use crowd control to disrupt enemy formations.


6. Survivability

Vanish and Evasion: Use these abilities to escape or turn the tides of a fight.

Healing and Potions: Always have health potions and bandages ready.


7. Environmental Awareness

Map Knowledge: Know your battlegrounds and arenas for strategic positioning.

Use of Terrain: Use elevation and obstacles to your advantage.


8. Team Play and Communication

Coordinate with Teammates: Communicate with your team for focused attacks and support.

Adaptability: Be ready to change tactics based on the evolving dynamics of the battle.


9. Practice and Adaptation

Learn from Experience: Analyze your battles to understand what works and what doesn't.

Adapt to Meta Changes: Stay updated with the latest patches and meta shifts.


10. Add-ons and Tools

Useful Add-ons: Consider add-ons for better UI, enemy cooldown tracking, etc.


We are here to share this video with you:

Leveling Guide

Use stealth to your advantage when completing quests and avoid unnecessary combat.

Focus on completing quests that give the most experience points.

Upgrade your gear as you level up to make sure you're always doing the most damage possible.

Use your crowd control abilities to take down multiple enemies at once.

Take advantage of your movement abilities like Sprint and Shadowstep to quickly move throughout the world. Leveling up Rogue in SoD can be a challenging and hard process, but you can enjoy your game with our professional WoW Season of Discovery power leveling service!


Remember, the key to being an effective Rogue in PvP is the ability to adapt to various situations while capitalizing on your strengths in stealth, control, and burst damage. Practice, learn from each encounter, and continuously refine your skills and strategies.


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