WoW SoD Phase 2 New Runes and How to Get Them

By Shirley Huang2024-01-17

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 is just around the corner and will add new runes for each class and spec, enhancing their abilities and gameplay options. New runes are essential items that can be found or earned and then engraved into specific slots on equipment. They grant additional abilities beyond standard skills and talents and can be combat-focused or utility-based. Some runes trigger automatically, while others require manual activation.


Here Are Some of the Possible New Runes for Each Class:


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Druid It is a unique and interactive ability that adds complexity and depth to the balance of Druid rotation. It requires you to balance your lunar and solar power and to time your Starsurge casts to maximize your damage output.

Berserk: It reduces the energy cost of all Cat Form abilities by 50% and increases the maximum number of targets affected by Swipe and Thrash by 3 for 15 seconds

Tree of Life: It transforms you into a Tree of Life, increasing healing by 15%, increasing your armor by 120%, and enhancing some of your spells for 30 seconds.


Hunter Assault: It increases your damage by 20%, causes you and your pet to share damage and healing, and activates Kill Command's cooldown at twice the normal rate for 20 seconds.

Lock and Load: With both Explosive Shot and Chimera Shot, Marksman Hunters are already well-equipped for Phase 2. It gives you a 24% chance when you trap a target with Freezing Trap or Ice Trap to cause these two shot spells to trigger no cooldown, cost no mana, and consume no ammo.

Aspect of the Beast: It increases your pet's damage by 30%, grants it immunity to movement-impairing effects, and enhances its special abilities, depending on its family.



Bladestorm makes you whirlwind continuously, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and immune to movement-impairing effects for 6 seconds;

Gladiator Stance modifies your Defensive Stance, increasing your damage done by 20% and allowing you to use Shield Slam and Shield Block in any stance;

Shockwave sends a wave of force in a frontal cone, stunning all enemies within 10 yards for 4 seconds.


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Roll the Bones consumes all combo points to grant you a random combat enhancement for 30 seconds.

Fan of Knives throws a fan of knives at all targets within 10 yards, dealing damage and applying your active poisons.

Adrenaline Rush increases your energy regeneration;

Blade Flurry makes your attacks hit an additional nearby enemy;



Avenging Wrath increases your damage, healing, and critical chance;

Blessing of Kings increases the stats of you and your allies;

Aura Mastery increases the effectiveness of your auras by 100% and prevents them from being dispelled for 8 seconds.

Divine Steed summons your warhorse, allowing you to ride for 3 seconds and increasing your movement speed by 100%.


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Arcane Barrage launches bolts of arcane energy at the enemy target, dealing damage and consuming all Arcane Charges;

Summon Water Elemental summons a Water Elemental to fight for you for 45 seconds;

Dragon's Breath unleashes a blast of fire in a cone in front of you, dealing damage and disorienting all enemies for 4 seconds;

Arcane power increases your spell damage but costs more mana.



Mind Spike blasts the target for shadow damage but removes all your damage over time effects from the target.

Rapture increases the absorption of your Power Word: Shield by 60% for 8 seconds.

Lightweaver causes your healing spells to also heal the lowest health ally within 40 yards for a percentage of the amount healed.


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Sundering shatters the ground in front of you, creating a fissure that deals damage and knocks enemies to the side.

Summon Earth Elemental summons an Earth Elemental to fight for you for 1 minute.

Totemic Recall returns all your totems to your hand, refunding 25% of their mana cost.



Havoc marks a target, causing your single target spells to also hit the marked target for 10 seconds.

Hand of Gul'dan calls down a meteor full of Wild Imps, dealing damage and applying Shadowflame to all enemies in the area.

Burning Rush increases your movement speed by 50% at the cost of 4% of your maximum health per second.

Curse of Doom places a curse on an enemy that deals massive damage after a delay;


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There Are Various Ways to Obtain These Runes:

Loot Drops

You can find Runes as loot from specific creatures, especially elite mobs and higher-level bosses.


Class Trainer Quest

At level 2, your class trainer sends you on a quest to obtain your first Rune, teaching you the basics of engraving them.


Auction House

Players can auction their unwanted Runes, allowing you to purchase them.


Dungeons and Raids

Certain dungeons and raids have higher chances of dropping rare and powerful Runes.


Hidden Locations

Some Runes are hidden in secret corners of the world, waiting to be discovered.


World Events and Professions

Participating in world events and leveling up relevant professions might offer Runes as rewards.


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