WoW SoD Phase 2 Hunter BiS Guide

By Shirley Huang2024-02-18

For Phase 2 SoD, creating a Hunter Best in Slot (BiS) guide requires a detailed look at the best gear available to maximize efficiency in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Since the game's meta and available content can shift with each season and phase, it's essential to focus on the most impactful gear pieces Hunters can obtain during this period. The best gear for Hunters can increase your hit chance, agility, attack power, and ranged attack power.


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Core Stats for Hunters

In WoW's Season of Discovery, Hunters will typically prioritize the following stats:

Agility for increased attack power and critical hit chance.

Critical Strike for higher chances of critical hits, boosting damage output.

Haste increases attack speed and reduces the Global Cooldown (GCD), allowing for faster ability usage.

Mastery enhances specific skills and damage output, depending on your specialization.

Versatility for a straightforward increase in damage done and reduction in damage taken.


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Phase 2 BiS Gear List

Head Gneuro-Linked Cowl (Leatherworking) or Artemis Cowl (Blackfathom Deeps)


Neck Peace Officer's Torque (Quests in Gnomeregan)


Shoulder Pauldrons (Grubbis in Gnomeregan) or Wild Leather Shoulders of Agility (Leatherworking)



Prototype Parachute Cloak (STX-04/BD in Gnomeregan) or Dark Hooded Cape (Nimar the Slayer in Arathi Highlands)



Blazewind Breastplate (Quests in Badlands) or Brigade Breastplate of Agility (World Drop)



Forest Stalker's Bracers (Warsong Gulch Vendor) or Imposing Bracers of Agility (World Drop)



Gloves of the Fang (Wailing Caverns) or Imposing Gloves of Agility (World Drop)



Belt of the Fang (Wailing Caverns) or Imposing Belt of Agility (World Drop)


Leggings of the Fang (Wailing Caverns) or Imposing Pants of Agility (World Drop)



Boots of the Full Moon (Blackfathom Deeps) or Imposing Boots of Agility (World Drop)



Ring of the Underwood (Blackfathom Deeps) or Ring of the Aristocrat (World Drop)



Rune of the Guard Captain (Quest in Hinterlands) or Rune of the Dawn (Quest in Eastern Plaguelands)



Venomstrike (Wailing Caverns) or Bow of Searing Arrows (Blackfathom Deeps)



Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina (Quest in Molten Core) or Quiver of the Night Watch (Quest in Duskwood)


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Enchantments and Consumables

Enchantments: Focus on agility and critical strike enhancements where possible. Weapon enchants should prioritize attack power or agility boosts.


Consumables: Agility, critical strike potions, and flasks that boost your primary stats are essential. Use food buffs that increase agility or attack power.


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This gear list and stat priority aim to optimize Hunter's performance in Season of Discovery's Phase 2. Adjustments might be necessary based on specific raid or dungeon needs, PvP scenarios, or if the game receives updates that affect gear availability or stat priorities. Always consider your play style and the specific requirements of your raid group or PvP team when selecting your gear.

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