WoW SoD Honor Guide: PvP Honor Ranking System Explained and How to Get Honor

By Shirley Huang2024-01-23

The PvP Honor and Ranks is a system of rewards and recognition for players who engage in PvP activities in WoW Season of Discovery. It is essential for many players, especially those interested in competitive gameplay.


How PvP Honor and Ranks Work in SoD?

In WoW Season of Discovery, the PvP honor ranking system underwent significant changes. A notable feature is the removal of the Decay system, allowing players to maintain their ranks without constant play. This gives players more flexibility and freedom to play at their own pace.


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Here's An Overview of How the System Works:

The ranking system sets a weekly honor cap of 500,000, which is designed to make the ranking system fairer and more competitive.


Honor is converted into the rating, which determines your PvP Rank. Higher ratings can unlock better rewards and are a status symbol within the PvP community.


Your rating is compared to other players on your faction and server, and you are assigned a rank based on your relative position. The higher your rank, the more rewards you can access from PvP vendors.


In Phase 1, the highest attainable rank is Rank 3, known as the Sergeant rank. Achieving this rank grants the's Cloak item. This revamped system aims to provide a more engaging and competitive PvP experience​.


More ranks and rewards will be unlocked in future phases. At level 60, the rank starts at Rank 9 and increases every few weeks, reaching up to Rank 14 with the opening of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.


How to Get Honor Fast in SoD?

Participating in PvP Activities

To gain Honor quickly in SoD, you should focus on participating in PvP activities efficiently. This includes engaging in battlegrounds, especially Warsong Gulch and arenas. The amount of Honor Points earned depends on various factors like performance, victory/defeat, and the type of activity.


You can also participate in open-world zones, such as Ashenvale, which are large-scale PvP battles that occur periodically throughout the week. Completing PvP-related daily and weekly quests can provide significant Honor points. Accumulating Honor Points increases your Honor Level. Each new level can grant rewards, and higher levels often require more points to advance.


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Taking Part in Special Events

Special events or PvP weekends may offer additional honor rewards or unique challenges.


Prioritize Killing High-rank Players

Prioritize killing high-rank players, as they are worth more Honor. You should also turn in your Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor, which are tokens that you can exchange for additional Honor. You can also consider grinding your reputation with the Warsong Gulch faction, giving you access to better items.


Joining Groups or Guilds

It's also advisable to join groups or guilds that focus on PvP to increase your chances of success and Honor accumulation. Remember, team coordination and strategy play a crucial role in winning PvP encounters, which directly impacts Honor gains.


Obtaining Seasonal Rewards

At the end of each PvP season, players receive rewards based on their performance. These can include special titles, mounts, and gear. The highest-ranked players often receive exclusive rewards.


Earning Points

This is another form of currency earned through PvP activities. You can use Season of Discovery gold or Conquest Points to purchase high-level PvP gear.


Honor Rewards and Gear

As you climb the PvP ranks, you can unlock various rewards. These include rank-specific titles, better gear, special trinkets, exclusive mounts, and cosmetic items like tabards and cloaks.


Honor gear is available for purchase as you increase your PvP rank, with higher-tier gear offering better stats and bonuses.



Boost can help you achieve your required level quickly, and fulfill in-game goals faster and easier.

PvP Honor vendors are located in major cities for both Horde and Alliance, offering items like the Scout's Tabard, faction-specific Insignia (CC-breaking trinket), Sergeant's Cloak, Senior Sergeant's Insignia, and First Sergeant's Armguards.


These aspects of the Honor system in WoW SoD provide a structured and rewarding PvP experience, allowing players to progress through ranks and earn valuable rewards based on their performance and participation in PvP activities.

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