Season of Discovery Classes Guide: How to Choose the Best Class

By Shirley Huang2023-11-28

In WoW Season of Discovery, choosing the best class depends on various factors, such as your preferred playstyle, role within a group, and personal preferences. You should know the advantages and disadvantages of each class before the new season releases. Getting ready for SoD very well may be an interesting and remunerating experience, whether you will invest your WoW Classic Season of Discovery gold, time, or assets.


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Here are some considerations to help you choose the best class for SoD.


Consider whether you prefer melee or ranged combat, spellcasting, pet management, stealth gameplay, or shapeshifting abilities. Each class offers unique playstyles, so choose one that aligns with your preferences.


Role Preference

Do you want to deal damage, heal, or tank? Some classes can perform multiple roles, while others are more specialized in one role. Consider which role you enjoy playing and find a class that excels in that role. For example, Druids can switch between DPS, healer, and tank roles, while Rogues can only use DPS.


The New Abilities and Runes You Want to Use

Do you want to try out new or improved spells, talents, or mechanics that can alter your class and spec? Some classes have more options and versatility than others, thanks to the new runes and abilities that are introduced in SoD.


Class and role combinations in SoD are a new feature that allows players to customize their characters with additional abilities and passives. These abilities are called runes.


Here Are Some Popular Combinations:

Warrior (Tank or DPS): Warriors are versatile and can fill the role of a tank or damage dealer. They excel in protecting their allies as tanks or dealing high melee damage as DPS.


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Mage (DPS): Mages are powerful spellcasters specializing in burst damage. They can deal massive damage from a distance with their array of destructive spells.


Rogue (DPS): Rogues are masters of stealth and assassination. They excel at dealing with high burst damage and can also provide utility through crowd control abilities.


Priest (Healer or DPS): Priests are capable of healing their allies or dealing damage. As healers, they can keep their group members alive, while as DPS, they can provide consistent damage through their spells.


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Warlock (DPS): Warlocks are dark spellcasters who specialize in damage over time spells and summoning demonic minions. They bring strong, sustained damage to the group.


Hunter (DPS): Hunters are skilled marksmen and beast tamers. They excel at ranged damage and have access to a variety of pets that can assist them in combat.


Druid (Tank, Healer, DPS): Druids are versatile shapeshifters capable of filling multiple roles. They can tank, heal, or deal damage depending on their chosen form.


Paladin (Tank, Healer, DPS): Paladins are holy warriors capable of tanking, healing, or dealing with damage. They bring strong utility and can provide blessings and auras to aid their group.


Shaman (Healer, DPS): Shamans are spiritual warriors who can heal their allies or deal damage. They bring totems that grant various buffs to their group members.


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The Content You Want to Do

Do you want to focus on PvE, PvP, or both? Some classes are more suited for certain types of content than others, depending on their strengths and weaknesses.


For example, Hunters and Mages are great for PvE, as they can deal high and consistent damage from range and have good mobility and utility. Priests and Shamans are great for PvP, as they can heal and support their allies and have excellent crowd control and survivability.


Solo Play vs. Group Play

Some classes are better suited for solo play, while others excel in group settings. Consider whether you prefer to primarily play solo or group.


If you plan to play with friends or in a guild, consider the group dynamics and what classes are already present. Having a balanced group composition with tanks, healers, and DPS can be crucial for success in dungeons and raids.



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Utility and Versatility

Some classes bring unique utility to a group, such as crowd control, buffs, debuffs, or support abilities. Consider if you enjoy providing utility to your group, and look for classes that offer the tools you find most valuable.


Long-Term Enjoyment

Ultimately, choose a class that you will enjoy playing in the long run. Consider the class fantasy, lore, and overall aesthetic appeal to ensure that you will have fun while playing your chosen class.


Research and Experimentation

Take the time to research each class, their abilities, and playstyles. You can also experiment with different classes to get a feel for their gameplay before making a final decision.


Remember that there is no singular "best" class, as every class has strengths and weaknesses. The best class for you will depend on your preferences and how well it aligns with your desired playstyle and group dynamics.

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