Can WoW Token Take Place of WotLK Gold of MmoGah?

By Shirley Huang2023-05-26

WoW Token is now available in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. This in-game item is a great way to exchange gold for game time conveniently and securely.


WoW Token is that you can essentially purchase subscription time and then auction it off in-game, so it boils down to a way to exchange gold for subscription time or real money for gold, but legitimately. 


How to Access and Get It?

To access it, log into a character and hit Escape, then click "Shop".


wotlk token-1


If you want to buy it, pay it is ok. Transaction will be processed, then you'll get a WoW Token, and it will go into your bag. It can be sold for gold on the Auction House. The price is not fixed and will automatically increase and decrease based on supply and demand.


How to Use WoW Token?

When you open WoW Token on the Auction House, it will show you need game time or gold.


Buy game time with gold:

Buy a WoW Token from the Auction House

Redeem it for 30 days of game time


Sell a WoW Token for gold:

Buy a WoW Token from the shop

Sell it in the Auction House for gold


wotlk token-2


Can WoW Token Take Place of WotLK Gold of MmoGah?

WoW Token is available on WotLK, which means that there is one more option for WotLK fans who like to buy their monthly subscription with WotLK Classic gold. In the meantime, players can sell WoW Tokens for gold as well.


Undoubtedly it is not good news for the third party. Will WoW Token substitute for Wrath Classic gold of MmoGah? We have some different thoughts below.


1. You can choose any amount of WotLK gold at MmoGah

Blizzard sets limitations and restrictions on the number of Tokens to restrict the gold trade amount.

You may use the in-game shop to purchase a maximum of 20 Tokens per week.

A maximum of 20 Tokens purchased with money in your inventory at one time

A maximum of 10 Tokens purchased with gold in your inventory at one time


Moreover, players can only trade one WoW Token for about 10,000 gold (Here, use the official exchange price as an example) for each transaction, but it is free to choose the gold amount when players consume at MmoGah.


2. MmoGah has competitive prices compared with WoW Token's auction value

Now you spend 20 USD to buy WoW Token, the auction value is 10,100 gold on NA Realm Faerlina or 13,635 gold on EU Realm Gehennas, but players can have more than 15,000 gold for nearly 20 USD (based on current WotLK gold prices at MMOGAH), which means buyers can obtain more gold with the same money. In addition, you can enjoy a member discount (1%-3%), bulk order discount, and coupon code discount (2-10%) at MMOGAH to save you money.


wotlk token-3


3. The trading procedure between token and gold might occur a situation of delay

After a player hangs up a Token on the Auction House, he needs to wait for another player who needs a Token for his game time. In MmoGah, WotLK gold trade is secure, simple, and fast. After receiving orders from buyers, orders will be processed immediately and gold will be efficiently delivered to buyers.


We faithfully consider the value of WoW Token to WotLK because it provides a chance to get players who can't afford monthly subscription back and enjoy the game again.


According to the information above, WoW Token has a very close relationship with WotLK gold, and WoW Token cannot replace WotLK Gold of MmoGah. Established in 2006, MmoGah provides a platform for safe in-game transactions between gamers worldwide and offers gamers fast transactions & excellent customer service. is cited as the best place to buy WotLK gold by many players.




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