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Summary of First-Time Player Event: Get Ahead in Tree of Savior

Leo Jiang July 11th, 2017 TOS    TOS Silver   

Recently, Tree of Savior launched some new events which include Treasure of the Stone Whale, First-time Player Event Get Ahead, Returning Player Event Savior's Pick and Active Player Event Guess to Impress. I think some players are interested in these new events and want to know more information about them. So I would like to share one of interesting events with all tos players.


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Do the first zone, open and use your new player boxes, get to level 15, turn on 8x tome. Talk to wings of vibrona and you can get 6-15k tos silver. Buy all buffs from orsha (use scroll to teleport) or klai, then you will get a good blessing over 2k.


You can walk to Tenet garden and ignore all quests along the way. You should kill the monsters in the huge group here at Tenet garden (Class Rank 3). Things slow down around 40, but you hit the experience reset at 46 and hit 50 right after that. (It takes 30mins to 1 hour to finish the entire part up until here)

Do Dung 50 three times and don’t use any multipliers, the dungeon literally takes 3 minutes per run totally, keep blessing on all the time, always keep your shop buffs up to 100% of the time. You should be level 80+. Walk to Zachiel Crossroads or get a teleport there or use the new player scroll thing to go there. Walk to adjacent zone to get statue teleport if you can. Same thing in the 80 Dungeon and the 50 Dungeon, it takes 5 minutes for each run and don't waste multipliers, but keep your 8x and any event exp going which includes cookies if you can. You should be level 100+ now.


Make sure it's peak time and do 3x Mission Dungeon run. If you have no cards from previous characters exploring at 110, you should do 3x dungeon run. This will be the longest grind you do. It may take 2-3 days if you use no resets. If you have resets then do 3x mission dungeon run at 100+ reset down, and then go to the 110 if you have made it to 140. (Muellers Passage is a good way from Zachriel)


Someone else will call in shout that they are going to use and you can queue with them, but the one on your person is a fallback, because it is waste time to do these dungeons and it isn't worth. Optionally, if you don't mind the time and have plenty of 8x timed tomes then just run 3x. You should be 170+ now.

Sprinkle Mission Dungeon runs as needed for exp around here. Same thing in the 170 dungeon, you really want instance clear, and thankfully more people shout that they will instance clear because this dungeon takes a while. One 3x multiply runs with 8x exp and event buffs can get you from 170 to 210, and instance clear only takes 3 minutes.


From this point forward it's just more multiply + 8x tomes but you're forced to do the dungeons. Due to cards/mission dungeon, I usually skip the 200. Additionally you want to monitor your class levels here not over level. 176, 225, 275 are the main breaking points so you may want to delay starting the 170 until you hit the class rank up and wait to start the 230 until you have that as well.


Above is the summary of “Get Ahead”, thanks for your reading. If you are interested in more tos news, please visit our website.


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