The Division 2 Best Solo Build

By Nancy G2023-11-30

The Division 2 is a game that can be enjoyed in many ways, and solo play is a popular option for those looking to challenge themselves or enjoy the game at their own pace. However, having the right build is crucial to succeed in playing solo. This article will discuss the best solo build in The Division 2 and how to optimize it for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


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The Basics

Before we dive into the best solo build for The Division 2, let's first go over the basics of what a strong solo build should have. A good solo build must have high survivability, good damage output, and excellent crowd-control abilities. Survivability is key when you're going it alone, as you need to be able to take on multiple enemies without constantly dying. Good damage output is also important, as you want to be able to take down enemies quickly and efficiently. Lastly, crowd control abilities are essential, as they allow you to control the battlefield and take on groups of enemies easily.


Weapon Choices

Choosing the right weapons is essential to building a successful solo build in The Division 2. For your primary TD2 weapon, we recommend using an assault rifle. Assault rifles are versatile and offer good damage at medium range, making them a great choice for solo play. For your secondary weapon, we recommend using a shotgun. Shotguns offer excellent close-range damage and are great for taking out enemies that get too close.


Gear Talents

Now that we have our weapons sorted let's talk about gear talents. There are several gear talents that are essential for a strong solo build in The Division 2. These include:

Unstoppable Force: This talent increases your damage output after killing an enemy, allowing you to take down groups of enemies in succession quickly.

Bloodsucker: This talent allows you to recover armor after killing an enemy, increasing your survivability in combat.

On the Ropes: This talent increases your damage output when all your skills are on cooldown, making it a great option for solo play.

Hard Hitting: This talent increases your damage against elite enemies, making it a must-have for taking down tough enemies.



Skills are an essential part of any successful build in The Division 2, and solo builds are no exception. There are two skills that we recommend using for a strong solo build: the Chem Launcher and the Hive.

The Chem Launcher is a versatile skill that allows you to heal yourself or teammates and deploy various types of status effect grenades. For solo play, we recommend using the Reinforcer variant, which allows you to heal yourself quickly and efficiently.

The Hive is another excellent skill for solo play, as it can be used for offense and defense. We recommend using the Reviver variant, as it allows you to revive yourself if you're downed in combat.



Finally, let's talk about specialization. There are three specializations in The Division 2: Survivalist, Demolitionist, and Sharpshooter. For a solo build, we recommend using the Survivalist specialization. The Survivalist offers increased healing and better crowd control abilities, making it a great choice for those going it alone.



In conclusion, building a strong solo build in The Division 2 requires careful consideration of your weapons, gear talents, skills, and specialization. By following the recommendations above, you can create a highly effective build that takes on any challenge the game throws your way. Remember to experiment with different combinations and adjust your build based on the challenges you face, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a master of solo play in The Division 2.

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