MmoGah Has Launched FSW Gold for OSRS and RS3

By Michel Z2022-11-11

Exciting news! MmoGah has just launched our FSW Gold for OSRS and RS3. This service lets you get an early advantage in the Fresh Start Worlds. If you are tired of gold farming, our cheap RuneScape FSW Gold would be helpful.


What Is RS FSW Gold

FSW Gold (aka. coins, gp, money) is the main currency used in the Fresh Start Worlds seasonal event of RS. In RS07, we call it OSRS FSW Gold, and in RuneScape 3, we usually call it RS3 FSW Gold. As in the main worlds, people use FSW coins to buy items from shops, Grand Exchange, and other players.


In the Fresh Start Worlds, from Skilling to PK, a decent amount of Gold can be handy no matter what game content you focus on. At the Grand Exchange, having enough Gold even allows you to buy a Bond, which grants a 14-day membership.


What Is RS Fresh Start Worlds

Fresh Start Worlds is a seasonal event in Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. In OSRS, the FSW event begins on October 19, 2022, and will run for six months. In RS3, it will run from September 26, 2022, to January 9, 2023. 


In OSRS, both F2P and members can play on Fresh Start Worlds, while in RS3, only members can play in the Fresh Start Worlds mode.


The Fresh Start Worlds event runs on a separate set of servers than the standard worlds, requiring a new account that hasn't played Old School RuneScape or RS3 before. 


Unlike the main servers, Fresh Start Worlds does not feature any increased experience rates, in-game buffs, or rewards. People will earn Achievement Points by completing quests, bossing, achievement diaries, or clue scrolls. These points are solely to help keep players motivated and are not able to be redeemed for anything.


When Fresh Start Worlds ends, all FSW accounts will be integrated into the main game and become regular accounts.


Why Buy FSW Gold for RuneScape at MmoGah

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