Top Three PoE Builds 3.18 - Best Choice for Path of Exile Players

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Path of Exile or PoE by Grinding Gear Games might have come out in 2013, but even now, the game is anything but forgotten. Today, things like PoE builds are still trending topics. At the same time, countless social media users regularly share things like PoE builds Reddit lists with thousands of upvotes. Instead of Path of Exile falling into oblivion after a decade on the market, it features a huge player community and an ever-changing meta space around it. That is why so many players are still looking for the best PoE builds, while most successful players create their one PoE top builds selections. The reasons for the game’s popularity are numerous but ultimately simple.


First of all, as a free-to-play RPG, it is an incredibly appealing title for all role-playing fans. That goes in particular for those who want a detailed system with many elements they can use to create the best PoE builds or anything else they might be after. That means that players are seeking out PoE solo builds right now as much as they ever did. Secondly, in all of its elements and mechanics, even the visual style that PoE offers, it can be called the true successor to the Diablo series. Those games are arguably the highest pinnacle of the RPG genre and PoE manages to capture them perfectly for a free-to-play title.



Top Three PoE Builds 3.18



Seeking out Best PoE Builds


The truth is that Path of Exile is a global gaming phenomenon and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. With nearly endless replayability and more action than anyone could have imagined before PoE came out, the game will remain a classic for years to come. However, anyone who plays it, in particular novice gamers who are just starting out in Path of Exile, want to do it to their fullest potential. A great way to do that is to use some services that offer Path of Exile currency for sale. The best option, in that case, is to access a trusted platform like MmoGah which has been an industry leader in the domain of game-boosting services. With it, anyone can make sure that their start in Path of Exiles is both less rocky and more engaging.


But, even with great boosting service and a lot of in-game currency, PoE builds can still be very confusing. That includes even players who spent some time in the game and tried out some PoE Builds Reddit suggestions, but still found that their character was neither powerful nor able to complete any additional in-game content. Fortunately, a decade of collective gaming experience in PoE allowed for some rock-solid wisdom on the topic of PoE top builds to emerge. That includes the top three PoE builds that anyone can create and thus avoid mistakes and hiccups in their playthroughs. Here is an overview of the best PoE builds for classes that will offer anyone huge powerful Path of Exile characters.



Detonate Dead Necromancer


For many, Detonate Dead Necromancer does not only feature a cool name but is a must-try for anyone seeking the ultimate option in the best PoE builds category. Basically, this build uses its minions as walking bombs. That stems from the use of Volatile Dead and Detonate Dead, both of which are very explosive - literally. This version of Necromancers does not call for any Corruption Gear. Instead, it uses gems that are connected to the Undead. The benefits of the same build include the fact that it uses mostly gems during the playthroughs and can eventually clear almost all of the content in the game. A drawback is a fact that it can be open to attacks and take on a lot of damage in the early part of the game. Furthermore, many novice players have a hard time with Detonate Dead Necromancer and this can lead to them abandoning it before the build reaches its true potential. However, the Necromancer Ascendancy remains one of the top classes in the game. That is why it so far created many candidates for the ultimate PoE top builds.



Lacerate Gladiator


The key factor behind the Lacerate Gladiator and why it is one of the best PoE builds is its ability to inflict a lot of Bleeding status effects. The same is possible for both bosses and mobs using the Lacerate skills, which alone has a 25 percent chance of causing Bleeding status. Add to this spells like Blood and Sand, which adds melee damage to any enemy with Bleeding status and the true power of Lacerate Gladiator comes to the forefront. That is why it has a lot of area-of-effect damage but does decent damage to a single target as well. Players can also use its long-range attacks as well. However, while it is among the best PoE builds, it has a big drawback of being low in damage in the early game, when the players lack these Bleeding stacking perks. Also, players who use Lacerate Gladiator have to time their attacks very well to get the most out of them.



Elemental Hit Slayer


Getting enough resources in PoE is not easy. That is precisely why PoE currency service is such a huge help. However, Elemental Hit Slayer is a PoE build that provides some of the best farming options in the game. It is also an excellent single damage class in PoE, thanks to its Elemental Hit skill. It fires off a random element of Lighting, Cold, and Fire, each of these dealing a lot of damage. Additional types of equipment like Unique Jewel provide even further stacking damage. That makes Elemental Hit Slayer the cream of the crop for PoE top builds for single target damage. To this day, it remains a highly popular choice among all the PoE solo builds. The drawback is the relatively low area-of-damage potential and a harder time with more numerous enemies.  


Using any of these best PoE builds means that any player would be able to create a Path of Exile character that will truly offer immense potential in almost any in-game situation.



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