PoE Build 3.23: Wild Strike of Extremes Slayer Build

By Nancy G2024-02-21

Dear exiles, will share the Wild Strike of Extremes Slayer build today. This is a unique build around the new Wild Strike of Extremes, and I didn't expect it to work so well. If you're looking for something different, this guide is for you!


 Wild Strike of Extremes Slayer pic



I based this guide on my current gear and how it performs. It hasn't reached min/max yet. I also need Awakening Gem, Forbidden Flame, Watcher, or precursors. There is still a lot of upgrade work to be done. I'll update the guide and build along the way, but following this guide will get you to where I am currently, and it will work fine.



When I saw the new Wild Strike gem, I knew I had to force it to work. The 100+ life, mana, and ES cost per attack is a huge hurdle to overcome here. I went down some dark and weird paths trying to figure out the best combination to maintain mana and ES for this skill, and I landed on the Eldridge Battery while converting my ES into damage. This build uses a lot of unique prop interactions that are meaningful and effective. We end up with 9 Charges, from which we gain damage and defense, and 9 Brutal Charges, which have a 27% chance of doing 3x the damage. This can be scaled up with more investment.


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+ More enemy resistance = more damage

+ 1300 life regen per sec

+ 1200 life leech/on hit rate

+ 9 of all three charges + 9 brutal charges (can still go higher)

+ Loads of "free" benefits from charge stacking

+ 90% phys reduction, 30k armour, chaos res capped, can reach 100% spell suppress (80% atm)

+ Loads of movement speed

+ Around 15mil shaper dps on the current setup

+ Easy to get going, using only uniques (minus rare gloves)

+ Zoomy and fun skill to use



- Expensive to min/max due to forbidden flame set and precursor emblems

- Can't tank shaper beam


Important Gear

-You will need boots, body armor, and amulets to start this build at the lowest entry point. For this setup, these three are 100% required. You can play without a shield and helmet, but you'll lose +2 charge and a lot of damage.


-If you follow my instructions exactly, you will need the chaos gloves on top of the hat. I bought bases with +2 Target Strike skills and then used Essence of Zeal to build them until I hit Chaos.


-You can roll the front-drive logo all you want and buy what you can afford. The one I'm using here isn't expensive and far from the best version.



This build is currently the top Wild Strike build on PoeNinja. It blasts through T16 delirium maps with the popular league mechanic and wandering path farm strategy. I hope Eiry's useful build will help you a lot.

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