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The playing field for action RPG titles has never been small or lacked a range of excellent releases. Today, the situation remains the same, but among all of these titles, Path of Exile or PoE for short remains one of the most cherished games, especially as a free-to-play release. Years after it first entered the market, countless players across the globe are still chasing a range of achievements and victories in PoE, including, first and foremost, the elusive Path of Exile endgame. However, the process behind the PoE endgame is nowhere near easy or straightforward.


In fact, many players, including those with plenty of experience in RPGs, struggle to answer the question of how to reach the endgame in PoE. That goes for both major things like classes and character builds but also smaller elements like game mechanics including spells and the in-game economy. But, being that Path of Exile is such an excellent and deep title, it is no surprise that the PoE endgame possesses a range of possibilities when it comes to overcoming the same challenge. To help with that, here is a comprehensive guide to the PoE endgame and thus a way how any player can make sure that they complete this part of this thrilling ARPG title.



poe endgame guide



Path of Exile and Atlas of Worlds


To understand the PoE endgame, it is first important to understand the evolution of its Atlas of Worlds. The cool-sounding endgame came about from the expansion of the same name that came out in 2016. It redefined what the endgame looks like. With it, the players had access to a long main story campaign and a massive non-linear challenge, the Atlas of Worlds. In the most basic terms, this is the second campaign of PoE, and it features less structure than the main one but adds a level of almost indefinite replayability. The next big upgrade of endgame in PoE came a year later. War for the Atlas brought about a full overhaul of the endgame system, which included a set of 32 new maps and additional items, including a selection of 10 new gems.


Later expansions, including Echoes of Atlas and Siege of Atlas, from 2021 and 2022, respectively, also added content to the PoE endgame with new maps, distinctive skill trees, and new pinnacle bosses. All of this shows just how committed the developers from Grinding Gear Games are to the Path of Exile endgame and the things it brings to its players. But, the same still does not mean that the experience is easy or fast. Instead, the process of how to reach the endgame in PoE can be a grueling process. But, thanks to a huge number of dedicated players, some important PoE endgame best practices did appear over time. They cover all of the expansions since the overhaul of the system and also offer tips and tricks that all of the players, regardless of their playstyle, will find useful.



Endgame Crafting and Economy


It goes without saying that the in-game economy of Path of Exile is a very important aspect of the game. The same goes for the PoE endgame, and it is something that players need to deal with from the start of their endgame experience. Fortunately, there is a way to get a bit of help in that regard, thanks to specialized game-boosting services like MmoGah. This experienced and trusted provider of in-game boosting offers a range of services for Path of Exile, and those seeking how to reach the endgame in PoE can also find a lot of assistance from the same source. Thanks to the MmoGah offer of boosting in-game PoE currency, the process of finding enough resources to take on Atlas of Worlds will be much easier.


However, the second big element in that process is crafting and, more precisely, the player’s crafting bench. Here, the players in the PoE endgame should focus on crafting complete and whole items. Here, later on in the PoE endgame, players can expand into specific things like Fossil crafting, which can be a great way to earn currency. But, the crafting bench is useful even before that point. Until they can do the same advanced crafting, they can use the crafting bench to add resistance, seeking to take these up to 75 percent. This will be a major help throughout the many hostile encounters in the endgame in PoE.



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Rinse and Repeat


Usually, players want to create a character build that will allow them to take on the PoE endgame. There are plenty of articles called things like the ultimate guide to the PoE endgame. However, the truth is that there is no one perfect Atlas of Worlds strategy. First of all, the same setup is incredibly non-linear, and secondly, the amount of experience the players accumulate goes down over time. That is why the best way to approach the issue of how to reach the endgame in PoE is to simply pick a build, take on the Atlas maps, die eventually, learn from it and optimize the process.


Through this almost roguelike experience, players can slowly figure out their preferred approach to Atlas runs. At the same time, they can gradually generate resources and stick with strategies that work. Of course, for those who want to boost the same process, and their in-game service for PoE currency will be a great aid. But, the ultimate truth remains that rinse and repeat are how players finally managed to overcome the PoE endgame.



PoE Endgame Struggle


There is no denying that taking on the Path of Exile endgame is not something that even an experienced player can take on quickly and without breaking a sweat. But, with these ideas, anyone can do the same and make sure that their personal experience of the PoE endgame can become both engaging and exciting.

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