Path of Exile 3.21 – Explosive Trap Shadow Saboteur Build Guide

By Pen Slingers2023-06-07

The "Shadow" is a versatile class that excels in stealth and deception. One popular Shadow build is the Explosive Trap Shadow Saboteur, which utilizes the explosive trap skill to deal massive damage to enemies. This strategy guide will share valuable insights and tips on maximizing this build's potential and dominating the game's challenging content. In this guide, you will learn about skill trees, recommended gear and weapons, and gameplay tips to succeed as a Shadow Saboteur.


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Introduction to Explosive Trap Saboteur

The Explosive Trap Saboteur is a powerful and expensive PoE currency wise build for experienced players with a leveled-up Shadow character. With this build, you can stack multiple traps to create a series of explosions that damage bosses and single targets.


It's great for both clearing maps and taking on challenging bosses. This build is perfect if you want a character that can do both. However, remember that building requires a high budget of at least 50 Divine Orb currency, and it's not recommended for beginners.


With the Explosive Trap Saboteur build, you can stack multiple traps that will cause explosions, dealing massive damage to single targets, including tough bosses. While this build is a bossing specialist, it has the clearing ability and survivability to map effectively.


Suppose you're looking for a character build that can handle bosses and map clearing. In that case, the Explosive Trap Saboteur build is a great option but don't use it at the early stage of the game unless you become a little experienced because it requires significant investment and a high skill level to play effectively.


Ascendancy Breakdown of The Class

The Saboteur is the best choice for this build because it provides many benefits that increase your trap damage, protect you from ailments, give you regeneration, and reduce the damage you take from enemies that are blinded and nearby. This makes it easier to survive and deal damage in combat.


poe Ascendancy Breakdown


Born in the Shadows – This causes nearby enemies to be temporarily blinded and reduces the damage you take from blinded enemies.

Pyromaniac – Is used for your survival in combat. It helps you regenerate your health and prevents you from being ignited or shocked, which can cause additional damage and make it harder to stay alive.

Perfect Crime – It increases the damage of your traps based on the number of traps you have set up. It's essential to lay out your traps to get the most out of this skill and deal as much damage as possible.

Explosives Expert – This skill dramatically increases the damage you deal to the enemies.



Skill Tree and Gem Setups for The Build

Several critical factors regarding skill tree and gem setups for the Explosive Trap Saboteur build must be considered. Regarding the skill tree, you must focus on the Saboteur subclass, which offers increased trap-throwing speed, damage, regeneration, and reduced trap cooldown. From there, you can invest in passive skills that increase area damage, critical strike chance, and elemental damage.


For gem setups, the primary skill for this build is the Explosive Trap skill, which should be supported by gems that increase damage, critical strike chance, and area of effect. Additional support gems can also be used to enhance survivability, mobility, and crowd control.


The skill tree and gem setups for the Explosive Trap Saboteur build require a careful balance of offense and defense to be effective in the game. So you must pay close attention while selecting the gems and spending your skill points.


explosive trap Skill Tree


Skill and Show Case of Build

You should understand this build's primary skills and powers before using them. The skills mentioned below play a vital role in the build and can be effective only if you use them correctly.

1.    Explosive Trap

In the Explosive Trap Saboteur build, your primary source of damage and map clearing is the Explosive Trap skill. This trap releases a powerful explosion followed by smaller ones that deal additional damage. To maximize your damage output with this skill, obtaining the Enchant on your The Devouring Diadem helmet is essential, greatly enhancing your damage.


Furthermore, you can use support gems to enhance further the Explosive Trap's damage, area of effect, and critical strike chance. Mastering this skill is crucial to succeeding with the Explosive Trap Saboteur builds.


2.    Auras

Auras are skills intended to provide passive bonuses to you and your allies within a certain area. Determination increases the physical damage reduction, while Grace boosts the evasion rating. The Herald of Ash skill adds fire damage to your attacks and spells, while the Defiance Banner skill increases armor and life regeneration.


Using these auras and skills, you can effectively scale your damage output and survivability, making it easier to take on challenging bosses and clear maps. However, it's important to note that managing your resources and using these skills at the right time.


3.    Utility

You can use several techniques to increase damage in the Explosive Trap Saboteur build. For example, you can use Elemental Weakness and Cursed Ground Support to apply your curses instantly on bosses while pre-loading your traps.


Using Summon Skitterbots with Infernal Legion Support, you can also make enemies "burn" and gain a Critical Strike Multiplier from Explosives Expert. Lastly, using Bear Trap can increase bosses' damage from your trap hits. By using these different strategies, you can maximize your damage and increase your chances of success with this build.


4.    Mobility

In the Explosive Trap Saboteur build, you can use Shield Charge with Faster Attacks Support and Flame Dash to move quickly through maps and escape danger. Shield Charge is a skill that will help you quickly charge toward enemies, while Flame Dash will help you to teleport short distances quickly. By mastering these skills, you can quickly navigate maps and avoid dangerous situations, making it easier to succeed with this build.



Recommended Gear and Weapons for the Build

If you want to play with this build, you should prepare first. Here is the essential gear list of this build that you should have.


explosive trap Gear and Weapons


1. The Devouring Diadem

This helmet is an essential part of the build, as it provides the Enchantment "Explosive Traps deal 30% increased Damage" and a lot of mana regeneration. It also gives you the skill "Feast of Flesh," which can help you recover life quickly.


2. Shavronne's Wrappings

This unique body armor provides a lot of energy shields and allows you to reserve all of your life for auras. This makes it easier to survive against tough bosses and map encounters.


3. Void Battery

This wand provides a lot of spell damage and spells critical strike chance, making it an excellent choice for the build. It also has a potent modifier that increases your spell damage based on maximum power charges.


4.   Malachai's Artifice

This ring lets you apply a curse to enemies without using a curse skill gem. This makes applying your curse on bosses easier and increases your damage.


5.   Rare Items & Resistances

In addition to the unique PoE items mentioned above, you should also focus on finding rare items that provide life, energy shield, and elemental resistances. These items can provide additional survivability and help you deal with different types of enemies and map modifiers.



Tips for Gameplay and Combat as a Shadow Saboteur

Sure, here are some tips for gameplay and combat as a Shadow Saboteur using the Explosive Trap build:


● Before entering a combat encounter, plan where to place your traps. This can help maximize your damage output and ensure you hit your target.

● Shield charge with faster attack support and flame dash can help you move quickly through maps and escape danger. Master these skills to avoid getting hit by enemies and stay safe during combat.

● This build is designed to excel in boss fights, so try to prioritize them when possible. Use curses and traps to maximize your damage output and take down the boss as quickly as possible.

● As a Shadow Saboteur, you're not the most powerful character in the game. Stay mobile during combat to avoid taking too much damage and stay alive.

● Maximize your damage output and survivability by keeping your auras and buffs active.

● This build can handle a variety of enemies, but it's essential to adjust your strategy depending on the type of enemy you're facing. Bear Trap can be especially effective against bosses, while other skills may be better suited for clearing maps.


Following these tips and practicing your gameplay, you can become an effective Shadow Saboteur using the Explosive Trap build in Path of Exile.




We have guided you about Explosive Trap build in PoE in this article. However, the build is powerful and recommended to use by experienced players. If you are new to the build, worry not. Review the guide and learn in-depth about the build to overhaul your gaming experience.


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