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How to Access FIFA Web App and Transfer Market

FIFA Web App, also known as FUT Web Start, is an online extension which enables players to get a head start in the FUT transfer market, build ultimate team squads and manage their FUT clubs.

The Web App has become particularly popular in FIFA game. For all ultimate team players, logging on to the Web App has become an essential part to get a head start on the competition. Here is MmoGah full guide to help you access the FIFA Web App and Transfer Market smoothly.

It is important to know that there is ONLY ONE Official Link to access the FUT Web App.

1. Sign in with your EA Account

Input your Email Address and password, and then log in.

You should create your EA Account first if you are a new player. Please remember your account’s “security question and answer”. If you origin account is lost, you can use them to get back.



2. Activate the “Login Verification".

Login Verification is a mandatory step before you access the FUT Web App, which can protect your account.

EA Sports Official site will send you a code to register this device, and you should input your security code to validate.


3. After finishing that, you can enter EA Sports homepage.

Choose “Ultimate Team” from the main menu in FIFA, and click “FUT WEB APP”.

Click: “Login to Web APP” and login with your EA account.

4. Access the Web App and Transfer Market

Creating a brand new FUT account in EA Sports will not give you access to the Web App. You should validate your FIFA 20 account on your new console first, play the requirement quantity of FUT matches in actual games, and it will take a few days to unlock transfer market.

If there is a prompt

“Your account has not earned access to the Transfer Market on the Web and Companion apps yet. Continue playing FUT 20 to unlock access to the transfer market.” This message means to keep playing FUT. The only thing you can do is continue playing more matches.   

Finally you get access to the Web App, and choose the “TRANSFERS”.  

Now you can buy cheap items and sell them higher on the transfer market, build your squad, manage your club and pick up a lot of rewards. At the same time, you can buy fifa coins to get some valuable players via transfer market. Choose a reliable site is very important, and learn how to buy fifa coins smoothly can help you buy fifa 20 coins smoothly.

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