Sword and Shield DPS Guide for New World Game

By Richard Kayode
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 Every game with combat and warfare in its gameplay uses the sword and shield as a standard weapon combo, and Amazon's MMO New World is no exception. The most effective skills and features for Sword and Shield builds in New World will be explored in this guide, notably regarding the Damage per second (DPS) output.


The sword and shield are ideal for either strategy, whether you want to play entirely defensively or choose a more attacking approach and slice and batter your opponents throughout the game.


Sword and Shield DPS Guide for New World Game


At the end of this guide, you ought to have a solid grasp of the weapon and be able to master it fully with practice. It will provide an overview of how to use Sword and Shield in New World. A sword and shield can significantly impact DPS with the correct perks and builds, despite some people's reservations about the weapon for DPS.


After the most recent update to the game, using the wrong weapon against a specific mob will no longer result in losing points; instead, a neutral effect will be the most impact. Many more features may be used on each weapon, and using a slash damage weapon against ancients won't result in reduced damage.


Almost all weapons, including swords and shields, are also deployable in dungeons. For sword and shield DPS, the best PVE is often Angry Earth PVE, where players can receive up to 20% slash damage.


The sword and shield are adaptable weapons that can be used with almost any skill set. It is impossible to make this weapon ineffective because it can handle any confrontation.


Although the Sword and Shield are generally used in a more defensive-oriented Tank play style, it ends up being a well-rounded weapon overall thanks to its high amount of slash damage and crowd control.


The Sword and Shield can also be a powerful DPS if you concentrate on your sword skills. Usually, you gain a second damaging talent while giving up the usefulness of at least one shield skill. The Whirling blade is a top choice for sword skills, while the Defender's resolve is the same for shield skills.


Nonetheless, it is advised to use the whirling blade, a more offensive weapon, combined with a weaker shield than the Defender.


Even though the Great sword, spears, and hatchet are instant go-tos for massive damage, the sword, and shield, when used properly, are incredibly competitive against other top weapons.


It does, however, have some advantages over them. For example, even though the great sword delivers more damage, it is much slower than the sword and shield, whose rapidity can significantly increase your odds of survival, mainly while you are in full onslaught mode. Also, it cools off faster than the hatchet and offers constant protection due to the shield.


In New World, there are a variety of weapons, many of which can be purchased using New World Coins, which can be earned in-game or bought on MmoGah. Each weapon has its Mastery Tree. For the sword and shield, these are Swordmaster tree and Defender's tree.



Getting into the guide proper now, we will first explore the Swordmaster tree, where we have all the best damage options available to the player, and here are some of the different skills, both active and passive, for DPS on the weapon tree:


Whirling Blade:

You can use this skill to deal up to 145% weapon damage to all enemies nearby within 2 meters. Moreover, the spinning blade causes a 5% rend for ten seconds.


Because of its rapid animation, damage, and AoE, Whirling Blade swings your sword in a full circle and is incredibly valuable. With a cooldown of only 15 seconds, Whirling Blade also has the shortest cooldown for Sword and Shield.


Empowered Stab:

You receive successful heavy attacks from this skill and a 5-second 30%-empower feature. You can inflict up to 15% damage when your Vitality is full.


Even a swift heavy attack can deliver it with less forewarning or aid. Landing a severe attack in PvP can be challenging. It is still heavily telegraphed, but not as much as a charged heavy attack.


Leaping Strike:

When you jump forward using this skill, you stun your victim and deliver 150% more weapon damage.


Final Strike:

Using this skill, you can deal 50% greater damage when you hit a target with less than 30% health. However, the damage boost will typically only be helpful against stronger foes in PvP.


Cowardly Punishment:

You can delay your opponent by 30% for 3 seconds with one successful hit. This is especially true when an enemy is struck from behind with a leaping strike. The target's movement speed will slow down due to the slow effect, making it more vulnerable to attacks.


Achilles Heel: 

This strike, the last in your light chain, may cause a 20% slow for two seconds. It is generally worthwhile to take this since it will be your primary means of engaging Opportunists as a Tank.



The Opportunist 10% ups your damage against foes that are slowed. This turns into a valuable damage boost because Sword and Shield have numerous ways to impose slow.


The need for a slow is the only thing halting this. It would be more generally beneficial if it were a debuff. Shield Rush typically serves as the most straightforward source in PvP, whereas Achilles Heel will apply this readily in PvE but necessitate frequent reapplication.


Reverse Stab:

Reverse Stab is a potent stab attack that stuns the target and deals 175% weapon damage. The skill deals the most damage with the Sword and Shield. It is an excellent counterpunch to any slow effect. This will hit like a hammer if you trap a target in place, approach from behind, then use it to strike them.


Reverse Stab doesn't come up very frequently because of its 20-second cooldown. This is a reasonable trade-off considering the amount of harm it might cause.


Counter Attack

When you use Counter Attack to block, you build up an Empower stack with 3% damage for 5 seconds. Up to five times, this feature can stack for a total bonus of 15%.


This bonus' shorter duration makes it more challenging to use, mainly when it depends on your blocking. This buff is easy to stack and keep up against packs in PvE, and it may be helpful while fighting bosses.



While at total health, confidence enhances your damage by 15%. This is a fantastic benefit if you've got a capable healer or Vitality who helps you keep it up. Other than that, it could be better.


It's more effective in PvE, where you can more easily manage your health independently if necessary. In PvP, it's more difficult to keep full strength outside of a 1v1 fight, even with a healer.


You can explore and create an extremely powerful sword and shield DPS set by using some of the most potent active and passive talents in the Swordmaster tree.



Let's examine Defender tree components you can combine to increase damage output. The main focus of the defender tree is the shield, as well as the crowd management and durability it offers. You should investigate the following active and passive skills from the defense tree:


Shield Rush:

You can charge forward for five meters using the Shield Rush maneuver, stagger enemies, and force them back with your shield. This charge deals 125% weapon damage and is incredibly powerful in dungeons.


Once engaged, this ability has grit, making it resistant to interruption by staggers. It works best at close ranges and has a 20-second cooldown.


Improved Rush: 

After a successful hit, you can do more damage for ten seconds while all enemies within five meters of you are 10% weaker.


Intimidating Rush:

On a successful hit, all foes within 5 meters are slowed by 3% for 4 seconds, allowing you to deliver more significant damage.


Defender's Resolve:

For 8 seconds, this lessens incoming damage by 30%. This turns into an 8-meter Taunt for six seconds with a Carnelian Gem. The Sword and Shield's primary defensive cooldown is at the moment. The longest cooldown in the entire game, it has a 45-second duration.


A Classic Sword and Shield DPS Leveling Guide:

Following the blade's path and concentrating on damage rather than any defense alternatives for a traditional sword and shield DPS build is best. In addition to passive abilities like cowardly punishment, Achilles heel, precision, and others, it uses active abilities like Whirling Blade, Reverse Stab, Leaping Strike, and Final Strike.


This construct is mainly intended for expeditions and could be used in open-world content with or without a tank. It makes the most of Sword Master Tree by dealing the maximum damage.


Leaping Strike is the second attack we fully upgrade when leveling this build after Whirling Blade. Empowered Stab, Last Strike, Reverse Stab, and Precision can be selected for their damage output, and Leadership can then be selected given that it is now available.


Confidence, Opportunist, and Counter Attack are next to follow because of the damage increases they offer. Next, to maximize the Swordmaster, we add Final slow, Cowardly punishment, and Achilles Heel. 


These abilities allow you to keep your target slow while dealing with attacks.


Finally, you can pick up a few light defenses to increase your survival and for the sporadic times in Expeditions or Open World, where you pull Aggro.


After leveling up your sword and shield weaponry, you can divide your game points among various traits, each offering a unique set of benefits. Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Focus, and Constitution are these qualities.



The sword and shield are still one of the best weapons in New World, and with proper application, they can be deadly tools for DPS. This guide walks you through the various abilities needed to master the weapon.




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