New World: What Are Faction Tokens & How to Get Them

By Jessie2024-02-06

What Are New World Faction Tokens?

In New World, Faction Tokens are a form of currency used to purchase various items and equipment from a player's chosen faction. The game features three factions: the Marauders, a ruthless military force that values strength and conquest; the Syndicate, a secretive organization that seeks knowledge and uses cunning; and the Covenant, a fanatical order that wants to cleanse the land of heretics and monsters. Players can earn Faction Tokens by completing faction missions, which include a range of activities from PvE (Player vs. Environment) quests to PvP (Player vs. Player) missions.

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What Are New World Faction Tokens Used For?

Faction Tokens can be used to buy special gear, weapons, and other useful items that are exclusive to each faction.  The gear includes armor sets, weapons, consumables, and even unique skins, helping players prepare for the various challenges within the game, including open-world exploration, dungeons (known as Expeditions), and large-scale PvP battles (such as Wars and Outpost Rush). They not only enhances a player's stats but also visually represents their allegiance to their chosen faction.

How to Get New World Faction Tokens?

Here are some ways to optimize your Faction Token farming:

• Choose PvP missions over PvE missions. PvP missions reward you with more Faction Tokens and Faction Reputation than PvE missions, but they also carry more risk. You need to enable PvP mode and avoid or fight other players from opposing factions. If you die, you lose all your progress and have to start over.

• Find a group to do PvP missions with. Having allies can increase your chances of survival and make the missions easier and faster. You can also coordinate with your faction members to avoid areas with high enemy activity or to ambush unsuspecting foes.

• Use mobility weapons and consumables. Having a fast weapon, such as a fire staff or a hatchet, can help you escape from danger or chase down enemies. You should also bring potions and food to heal yourself and boost your stats in case of a fight.

• Pick a good location to do PvP missions. Some areas are more suitable for PvP missions than others, depending on the distance, terrain, and enemy density. For example, the East Side of Great Cleave is a good spot to farm Faction Tokens, as the Eastburn Outpost offers three PvP missions that are close to each other and easy to complete.

• Close Corrupted Breaches. Another way to earn Faction Tokens is to close Corrupted Breaches, which are portals that spawn enemies and events around the map. Closing Corrupted Breaches can give you Faction Tokens, as well as Azoth, XP, and loot. However, you need to have a high enough level and gear to handle the enemies and the corruption effects.

• Participate in Wars. Wars are large-scale PvP battles that determine the control of territories and settlements. Participating in Wars can reward you with a lot of Faction Tokens, as well as New World gold, XP, and glory. However, you need to be level 50 or above and sign up for a War before it starts. You also need to be prepared for a fierce and chaotic fight that can last up to 30 minutes.

These are some of the best ways to farm Faction Tokens in New World. I hope you find them useful and enjoy the game.

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