• New World: Ultimate Expansion Preparation Guide
    By Jessie2023-09-27 14:28:36

    New World: Rise of the Angry Earth will launch on October 3, 2023. So in this guide, we take a deep dive into everything you need to do to prepare for the expansion. Let’s go ahead! 


    Trade Skills

    Firstly, a major update is that all of our trade skills are bumping up to 250. If you’re not already at 200, try to start grinding it out and make sure that you’re ready to go. And this includes specifically music too, not a lot of people realize it. But if you level up your music to 205, you unlock a new song that increases XP gain for mining logging skinning and harvesting, which will make the grind so much easier across the board for those other trade skills. 


    You can also jump on the trading post, and prepare by buying a bunch of raw resources. And now, the prices for these aren’t too crazy. Day one of this update's actual launch guarantees these prices will be crazy. So you can get ahead of the pack, start stocking up and throwing these into storage, so you’re ready to jump on compile these together and boost up some XP.


    Faction Vendor

    Additionally, one of the things that you can do is at the faction vendor, can buy different packages called Grand Logging Mastery Cache, Grand Harvesting Mastery Cache, Grand Logging Mining Cache, etc.


    There’s one for each trade skill. You can pick it up, and essentially there are unusual pieces of resources within it. You can open it, and then you’ll see that there is an Unusual Ore. You'll also see there’s an unusual version of essentially each type of these resources. And this is what you’ll be able to use to bump up some XP on day one of the actual event.


    You can come to the smelter to scroll down. You’ll see the Journeyman Mining Research. And then you can use the Unusual Ore. Craft it and you’ll unlock XP. But you’re going to be limited to only three times per day. But it’s a little help, so might as well stock up.


    There’s a huge update to the actual faction shop coming to season 3 of New World 2, where there will be a ton of new weapons and items, and more specifically some craft-specific items, and larger bulks of these different XP gains as well as a brand new Rune for stronger bags. And these new crafting materials are very important. You will want a lot of faction tokens. So it might be worth just mining and crafting those Unusual Ores yourself rather than spending faction tokens. You need to stock up on these Factions Tokens. 


    Gypsum Orb

    Next up, Gypsum Orb gains a whole new usage when it comes to season 3 of New World, which makes it very important. You will need a lot of them to max out your Artifacts and other crafts in the game. As you can see this recipe kind of includes a large amount of Dark Matter, but also five Gypsum Orbs. 



    So it’s worth doing all of your daily activities to get all of the different Gypsum, like Arenas, because you not only pick up your daily Gypsum Orb this way, but you also get an Arena Warrior’s Spoils. It’s worth throwing those boxes in your storage anyway because they may have a great use plus. You can also pick up more shards, more gold, and more Gypsum Orbs. So you might as well do this every single day. 


    Dark Matter

    Dark Matter is a new resource that is extremely important to season 3. You can pick up a Gypsum Cast for a 600 gear score item. And you’ll have a chance to obtain some Dark Matter. Now to prepare for this, you can stock up on 600 gear score items, and then for Mass salvaging on day one.


    If you have tons of different umbral shards already, just sit in your storage. You can run some Outpost rush Cache, open the crates, and upgrade some of those 599 or 595 items up to 600 to get the legendary item. Throw it in the storage, so it’s ready to go and get salvages for another chance of dark matter. There also is a gold conversion rate coming to the game when it comes to Umbral Shards. For every 100,000 Umbral Shards, you’ll get ten thousand new world gold.


    Outdated Craft Modes

    Probably, one of the biggest updates is that all of the outdated craft modes in your storage and inventory will have a huge purpose. You can salvage them. For example, you can salvage six of these different chunk perks, and you’ll be able to get attribute-focused craft modes like Iron Guardsman insignia and iron battle metals. So to prepare for this update, you can go on the trading post and buy up all of the cheap ones so that you’re ready to go in Mass Slavage. Again, do not throw these craft modes out. They are regarding all of the different craft modes that are going to be outdated when the update hits. 


    New Tier and Type of Food

    Next up, with mounts coming to the game, there’s a whole new tier and type of food that’s also coming to the game. You’re going to be able to feed each mount three times per day. And there are the different types of foods you can feed your mount. You can pick up some of these different ingredients to ensure you’re ahead of the pack, and you have everything you need to start cooking on day one to ensure you max out on the different foods you can feed your mount. I don’t think these are going to be too crazy in price, but it’s worth picking up to be prepared.


    Season Pass Rewards

    And last, a new season means new season pass rewards, which are important. At level 100 of the free version, you unlock a good Artifact Earring. And if you go to the premium, you know you get a nice lion skin. And to prepare for this, you can go ahead and go to your town project board, and complete some of these missions. Don’t turn them in because there’s always going to be those complete two mission stamps on your activity card. So this is a fun quick way for you to stock up on some of these missions, and be ready to pick up some seizures XP on day one.