• New World - How to Make Gold by Skinning Bears
    By Jessie2023-11-24 14:57:49

    Farming New World coins is a way to earn more coins in the MMORPG game New World. Coins are the main currency in New World, which players use to buy items, trade with other players, and pay taxes for their territories. Gold is also essential for crafting, repairing, and upgrading equipment, as well as participating in various activities.

    Today, I will share how to make a decent amount of gold per hour by farming Thick Hide and Pristine Bear Pelt, which are used to make Beast Trophy.

    The location is called Brightwood, and what you have to do is skin bears in this area. When you skin them, they will give you Thick Hide and shadowed red meat. You also have a chance to get Pristine Bear Claws, which sell for a decent amount, because you use them to craft the Beast trophies that can be sold for about 70 gold a piece. And then you also have a chance to get Pristine Bear Pelt, which sells for a really good amount. Thick Hide sells about for 20 cents apiece. It’s not that much gold, but when you skin these bears, they will give you a lot of Thick Hide yield.


    The following is the exact route that you can follow while farming bears in Brightwood.

    1. You can start by marking the location in the picture below. There will be a road, and you need to come around it, up and around a Cliff. And then you’ll find the first Bear and you can kill him there.

     Skinning Bears Location

    1. Then keep going. There will be a cave, and you need to go ahead and skin all of the bears.

    Farming Bears Location2 

    Before you leave this cave, there's an Ore you can mine. There’s also a star metal node. After killing those bears, you can exit out of the cave on the other side.

    1. When you come out of the cave, there are a bunch of bears out. You can round them up. That’s why I recommend using a ranged weapon that does not one-shot these bears. Once you have them all rounded up, you can kill and skin them. There’s a weird wood tree right here if you want to gather it.

    2. Then there is a little Hill that you need to walk your way down and there is a pond on the left side of the road. There's another weird wood tree that you can mine. We need to gather bears here and skin them. And we need to loop back to the beginning where we started and do the same thing over again. You need to run up beside this cliff to the very top and do the route all over again to kill bears.


    In order to get the most profits and yield, you can use a food buff called Savory Fish Cake for luck. You can also use a Powerful Proficiency Boost, and have a music buff from playing music. Also, I recommend using skinning luck trophies in your houses. When you are PvP flagged, you have more luck as well.