• New World: How to Farm the Best Bow - Syncretic Bow
    By Jessie2023-10-09 17:34:05

    Syncretic Bow is the current best in slot bow in New World: Rise of the Angry Earth.  It is a named bow which can drop in the open world. The Syncretic Bow is a powerful weapon for players who prefer ranged combat and want to deal high damage to their enemies. It is especially effective against buffed targets and low-health targets, as well as groups of enemies. Today, we will share a simple guide about how to farm and upgrade the Syncretic Bow.

    Syncretic Bow Stats

    The Syncretic Bow comes with two best-in slot perks, Keenly Jagged, and Enchanted. Because it's a named bow, you can take it to a Gypson Kiln, level it up to score 700 and pick a third-best in-slot perk for this bow, making it a real ripper in PvP or PvE.

    Syncretic Bow Stats

    Where to Farm Syncretic Bow?

    The best place to farm this bow are Digsite Calamitous and Brimstone Sands. Now any mob within the areas can drop this bow as well as the other items in the set. But we need to focus on the four named bosses, as they have a 20% drop chance, and it's a nice rotation to farm. The bosses are Farouk al-Talib, Thorgar the Destroyer, Frostcaller Fawzi, and Harrow the Sickle.The Syncretic range includes numerous weapons and armour pieces, so you might get drops that you're not looking for. But sit tight and be patient.

    Syncretic Weapon Set

    What Should You Do After You Get Syncretic Bow?

    Once you've got the Syncretic Bow, you are still going to have to upgrade it to pick that third perk at the Jepson Kiln. This will cost you New World gold, and it's not going to be cheap. If you haven't already maxed out your factions, you're going to need to get three chromatic seals from your faction vendor. Unfortunately, these are limited to one per day, so even if you've maxed your faction, it's going to take you a minimum of 3 days to get this bow up to 700 gear score and to get that vital third perk the seals. These will cost 5,000 gold and 20,000 tokens. Besides the seals, you're also going to need some other materials to upgrade the bow - weapon Matrix and 250 Dark Matter. You can get the Matrix from the trading post, which might cost a few coins but it shouldn't be too difficult.