New World Guide: Top 3 Best Builds for PvE and PvP

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Within the first month after the release of New World, players have already found various approaches to playing the game and building their empires in a manner that is unique to them. It doesn't matter whether your goal is to expand your empire or to conquer someone else's; to be successful in either endeavour, you need to be skilled in both player versus environment and player vs player combat. 


In any scenario, you have a wide variety of options available; nonetheless, the following three builds have a good chance of succeeding in most encounters, whatever your choice of strategy. Which configuration will serve you most effectively? That is something that you can only decide.


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Ice Fire Build

If you are searching for a build that can handle everything from exploration to raiding, then the Ice Fire build is for you. The ice tree bestows not only a plethora of damaging spells but also some excellent crowd-control skills. This tree is the primary pillar around which this build is based. Even though it does not possess considerable healing powers, it can heal with AoE heals such as Healing Ward or Burning Life paired with Shield Slam. 


And when it comes to the player against player combat, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to freeze your foes and then shatter them into bits. Another thing to keep in mind is that using this kind of mage will demand a significant amount of mana, so make it a priority to raise your mana level as quickly as you can as you work your way up the levels. Because we will need as much mana as we can get our hands on to perform effectively, it is recommended that points be placed in the Mana Reserve at each new tier if feasible.


The Ice Fire construct incorporates the vast majority of what we have discussed so far and allows us to diverge into two more avenues of development. The first tree we will want to investigate is a natural one, notably Hurricane. While engaging in player-against-player combat with fire staff, you may now utilize Hurricane to do some good area-of-effect damage without worrying about your opponent's being near enough to be in danger from it. 

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The fact that it does not last as long as Volcanic Lightning does not change the fact that it has a higher mana efficiency, which means that we may use it more often (or acquire cheaper gear if we want to save money). The final tree that connects to our Ice Fire mage is the dragon's tree, which should be pretty plain explanatory; by allocating points here, we improve our magic damage even more, which will aid with both PvE and PVP!


Sword Great Axe Build

You will be able to take on the most difficult enemies this planet has to offer if you use this build, which was developed for players who wish to skip the middle levels of the game and get straight to the endgame content. 


Your primary weapon will be a sword, and the Great Axe will be your secondary weapon. Because of this, whenever you play the game, you won't have to worry about not having access to the weapons with the most significant damage per second rating. 


By devoting points to your Strength stat, not only will you get a significant amount of health, but you will also have a greater chance of surviving longer in a fight. You won't have any healing talents or magic spells available in this situation, which is the sole drawback; nevertheless, if you put in enough practice, it should become second nature for you to avoid taking any damage. 


If you want more control over when you do damage to enemies and when you heal yourself, one of the other builds might be a better choice for you than this one. Druid with Heavy Crossbow and Light Crossbow, if you want to concentrate on ranged attacks, another solid build for you to consider is the Druid with the Heavy Crossbow and the Light Crossbow combo that works within the Great Axe Build. 


Because of the massive quantities of physical damage that both ranged weapons can inflict, this configuration is highly effective so long as the foes you face are within a reasonable distance. In addition, they can inflict bleed status effects, which cause bleeding damage over some time, and they do not need ammunition, which means they will never run out (assuming you craft them yourself). 

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Because ranged weapons allow you to attack without ever coming into contact with enemies, this build is ideal for anyone who wants a challenge and doesn't mind spending the majority of their time away from the action. Melee weapons don't allow you to attack without ever coming into contact with your opponent. 


Because distance is irrelevant in PVP and many bosses are located in prominent locations that are difficult to access, you will require much more experience than someone who uses melee weaponry. This is the trade-off for having access to longer-range weapons. Utilizing two distinct sorts of firearms, such as a Sniper Rifle and Handgun combination: A third suggestion is to use two different types of weapons, such as a Sniper Rifle and Handgun combination. 


The advantages offered by these various firearms are comparable, including the ease with which they can be aimed and the rapidity with which they can be reloaded. They excel in very different kinds of combat settings.


Ice Gauntlet Life Staff Build

Constructing a staff for the ice gauntlet is beneficial since doing so enables you to cast spells that slow down your opponents. In contrast to the ice staff, which lacks healing capabilities, the life staff may restore allied health. 


Additionally, a life staff can restore a more significant amount of health than an ice staff can. A life staff's attack bonus is smaller than an ice staff, which is one of the drawbacks of employing a life staff. In addition, if you intend to attack multiple foes located near one another, it is recommended that you do so with an ice staff. 


This is because the chilling effect of the ice staff can freeze your opponents in place, rendering them unable to defend themselves while you are attacking them. Your attack power is lower than that of someone who uses a life staff if you construct your character with an ice staff like this one. If your primary goal is to heal while still doing damage, you should switch to using a life staff instead of a regular one. If you employ this weapon, you will have more attack bonuses than someone who relies primarily on an ice staff. 


When an opponent is frozen due to the chilling effects of your weapon, you won't be able to do as much damage to them as someone wielding an ice staff, nor will it be as easy for you to do damage to them. It is essential to keep in mind when you are building up your skill set that many of your talents, both active and passive, can only be performed with a certain kind of magical weapon. 


Because each of the three options offers something unique, you should test them to determine which fighting style suits your preferences. It is essential to keep in mind that while picking a weapon, you should give some thought to the sort of fighting style that is most suited to your preferences. 


It is possible to win a fight using various strategies since you can combine multiple weapons and spells by your preferred approach to the game. Some players like playing aggressively, casting offensive spells, and making powerful melee attacks, while others favor playing more defensively and shielding their friends from assaults. 


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Once you have decided what kind of player you want to be, you can choose the type of gear most suited to meet your requirements. After that, you should also ensure that you specialize in the appropriate spells! There is a lot of potential for experimentation and the development of new strategies, regardless of your chosen combat style. 


Whatever builds you decide to equip yourself with, you must remember to bring supplementary items, such as potions. For instance, some players may feel most at ease wielding an ice staff and focus their attention on harming their foes while simultaneously lowering the likelihood that they will hurt themselves. In any case, you need to maintain track of your inventory constantly. This will ensure that you always have sufficient supplies accessible to defend yourself against any unexpected attacks from the enemy.




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