New World: Guide for Returning Players 2022

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In contrast to other massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), New World is an MMORPG, which stands for "massively multiplayer online role-playing game." The idea is not original—the subgenre has been there since the middle of the 1990s—but the execution is, and it's one of the most exciting things to come out of the gaming industry in quite some time. The genre has been around since the middle of the 1990s.


Here is everything you need to know about getting started, earning currency, and exploring your way through the enormous world of New World, whether you were a participant in the original New World beta test and are thinking about returning to the game or are looking to start playing New World.


If you were a participant in the original New World beta test and are thinking about returning to the game, you can read more about it here.


New World Return Player's Guide


What Has Changed Since Launch?

Since its first release, New World has received upgrades almost monthly. The number of active players is rising, and anticipation for the upcoming Brimstone Sands expansion is only becoming stronger by the day.


A lot has happened in the previous year, including some basic changes to the way you move through levels, how you build your gear score, and how you approach the final grind. As a result of these upgrades, new game modes, weaponry, expeditions, holiday-themed events, and a plethora of quality-of-life enhancements have been introduced.

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Things To Do When You're a Returning Player

If you have been away from the game for a significant amount of time, there is undoubtedly a lot that has changed, and you have no idea what's happening. That's OK, and in all honesty, it was kind of to be anticipated.


The most important thing for you to do is examine all of your equipment and determine what kind of build you used. Is it possible to proceed with it? You should head to the trading post if you have enough money so that you may buy some new equipment there. You should focus on getting the greatest possible gear score and not worry too much about other things, such as perks. Just get yourself up to speed.


It is most likely time to look into the Expeditions at this point. It is recommended that you participate in the Genesis, Lazarus, Heart of the Tempest, and Barnacle expeditions. There is no longer a need for a key to enter. These dungeons may be run up to 25 times daily at no additional cost. In addition, there is a group locator that can be accessed by clicking the Expedition symbol that is located on the map.


Do some chest runs. Yes, they are still around, although some aspects of the game may have evolved since the last time you participated. The bosses and monsters in Imperial Palace, Siren Pools, Malevolence, and Mangled Heights have raised their levels, so you may now play through those zones. This opens up a new world of possibilities beyond only the Shattered Mines and Myrkgard. In the event that you ask to join a group in chat, you can see a flood of "+imp" or "+siren" messages.


Participate in a corporation. Companies continue to play a significant role in New World, and as such, you should make every attempt to join a reputable one that is comprised of several active members.


Look at your living arrangements and your storage options. You will see that your home is still standing, and there is a possibility that you have some valuable belongings stored away somewhere. Take inventory, and then sell off anything you can to get additional new world coins. You no longer need to pay a fee to transport stuff from one town's storage to another's storage in another town.


The Changes and Some QoL Improvements

The enhancements to people's standard of living are among the most positive alterations brought to New World. Since the launch, the following are some of the most major modifications that have occurred:


Some New Ultimate Abilities Added – Heartgem Runes


To explode and do massive harm to others in a wide area around you, you must first overload yourself with arcane energy. While the ability is active, players can move and engage in combat.


Grasping Vines

Put your hand into the ground and punch it to release vines that will wrap around you and any close foes, pinning them down.


Stone form

Transform your body into stone to make yourself resistant to knockdowns, stuns, roots, and slows as well as staggers and knockouts. While this ability is active, players are free to move and engage in combat.


Cannon Blast

Bring out a big, portable cannon and fire a cannonball that inflicts substantial damage when it makes contact with its target.


Dark Ascent

Sprout Corrupted wings and soar up into the air, hover momentarily, and then smash back down into the ground. This causes all around opponents to be stunned and does damage to them.


The Game Modes

With the new key QoL features, the New World developers added some new game modes that might be alienated from new or returning players. Let's dive into it:


Mutated Expeditions

In New World, the 5-man Expedition concept is adapted into the hard endgame content known as Mutated Expeditions. One of the most satisfying things to do in New World is participating in the Mutations, the game's current version of endgame PVE content. Two different Mutated Expeditions are up for grabs to be run each week.


Because there is such a wide variety of Mutations, every week is an entirely new experience. When you complete a Mutated Expedition, you will be rewarded with a new currency known as Umbral Shards (we will discuss this topic in more detail later), in addition to a large quantity of both Epic and Legendary drops!



The New World Arenas mode is a 3v3 player vs player competition. Players compete against one another in a "best of 5" style to earn PVP experience and a new PVP currency known as Azoth Salt. Arenas are a new addition to the game. You will get the most out of this format if you play it with a group of three people, but you are free to do it alone if you like. You may start queuing for Arena at level 20.


Arenas are the next addition to the New World's player-against-player content, including open-world PVP, Outpost Rush, and Wars. New World also hinted that a ranked mode would soon be added to the Arenas.


The Gear Score Progression System

This is perhaps the most major adjustment that has been made to the way the ending of New World operates. In days gone by, the so-called "watermark" method was not one that players enjoyed using. An unknowable quantity that served as the basis for your gear score? It was not very good. Things have improved since then. There have been two significant alterations: Gypsum and Expertise.

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Gypsum is a brand-new system that will let you raise the gear score of your personal things if you've mastered its various challenges. Gypsum may be manufactured into Gypsum in the new Gypsum kilns that can be found at high-level Outposts such as Edengrove, Shattered Mountain, and so on.

Obsidian Gypsum: Taking out designated enemies of level 60 or above.

Ruby Gypsum: playing Outpost Rush for a total of two rounds.

Emerald Gypsum: Improving Your Profession Through Aptitude Testing

Sapphire Gypsum: Success in vanquishing the ultimate antagonist in the Genesis and Lazarus questlines.

Citrine Gypsum: You'll get one every day you finish an Arena.

Amethyst Gypsum: By completing Corrupted portals, you may get up to seven of them every day.

Diamond Gypsum: Various unique activities may get you there. The last time was during the Summer Fair, but we're hoping for something fresh for the holidays.

Topaz Gypsum: When you have the Topaz Attunement Potion bonus, you may gain 10 per day by killing monsters level 55 or above.


What is Expertise and How It Works

Your total gear score will be determined by your Expertise level, which is a new gear scoring level. Earning Expertise may be accomplished in a few different ways: by breaking open Gypsum Crates from the Kiln, fighting high-level monsters and obtaining a drop, or completing a variety of Chest Runs located all across the area. There are still chest runs, that's for sure.


After that, your total gear score will be determined by taking the average gear scores of the items you have and your current degree of competence. The whole of this information is shown to you inside the game, and you are able to track your development on a day-to-day basis.


The Brimstone Sands Expansion

The new zone, Brimstone Sands, is now available to play in New World! The update introduces a completely redesigned beginning experience, the Brimstone Sands as its level 60+ zone, a new weapon called the Great Sword, and many additional adjustments and modifications to the game.



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