• New World Eternal Frost: Everything You Need to Know
    By Jessie2023-11-07 16:28:35

    New World has just announced its fourth season: Eternal Frost, which will launch on December 12, 2023. The new season will bring a new expedition, a new seasonal story, new Artifacts, and more to the game. Here is everything you need to know about the Eternal Frost announcement New World.

    What is Eternal Frost?

    Eternal Frost is the name of the fourth season of New World, which will introduce a new chapter to the game's story and gameplay. The season will feature a new expedition, a new seasonal story, new Artifacts, and more. The season will also bring back the Winter Convergence Festival, a seasonal event that celebrates the winter solstice with festive quests, rewards, and activities.

    What is the Glacial Tarn Expedition?

    The Glacial Tarn Expedition is a new level 65 expedition that will take players to a frozen cavern hidden beyond the Empyrean Forge in the Great Cleave. The expedition will pit players against a Knight of the Round Table, Ser Loth, who has unearthed forbidden knowledge of the Ancients and seeks to unleash an eternal winter on Aeternum. Players will have to harness the power of the Empyrean Flame, a primordial magic that can counter the ice magic of Ser Loth and his minions. The expedition will offer new challenges, enemies, and rewards for players who dare to venture into the icy depths.

    What is the New Seasonal Story?

    The new seasonal story will follow the Silver Crows, a group of adventurers who are hired by the Winter Wanderer, a mysterious figure who oversees the Winter Convergence Festival. The Silver Crows will have to track down and stop Ser Loth, who has stolen an ancient artifact from the Winter Wanderer and plans to use it to create a Forever Winter on Aeternum. The Silver Crows will also have to enlist the help of Daichi, a surly fire mage who has a personal vendetta against Ser Loth. The seasonal story will offer new quests, characters, and lore for players who want to learn more about the history and secrets of Aeternum.

    What are the New Artifacts?

    The new Artifacts are a set of eight powerful weapons and armor that will offer new abilities and playstyles for players. The Artifacts will have their own quests and requirements to unlock and equip them. The Artifacts are:

    • The Boltcaster Bow, a bow that can fire electric arrows that stun and shock enemies.

    • The Winged Shoes, a pair of shoes that can boost the wearer's speed and reduce their cooldowns.

    • The Frozen Gauntlet, a gauntlet that can freeze and shatter enemies with ice magic.

    • The Shield of the Sun, a shield that can reflect and amplify damage with solar magic.

    • The Horn of Valhalla, a horn that can summon and command a group of valkyries to aid the player in battle.

    • The Eye of Horus, an amulet that can grant the wearer enhanced vision and perception.

    • The Staff of Hermes, a staff that can teleport and heal the wielder and their allies.

    • The Sword of Damocles, a sword that can inflict massive damage and curse enemies with a hanging blade.

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    What are the Other Features and Updates?

    The other features and updates that will come with the Eternal Frost season are:

    • The Winter Convergence Festival, a seasonal event that will bring festive villages, quests, rewards, and activities to the game. Players will be able to collect Winter Tokens to exchange for limited-time items, such as skins, emotes, housing items, and more. Players will also have to face the Winter Warrior, a powerful open-world boss that will roam the lands with his army of Frigid Folk.

    • The Cross World Expeditions with Improved Group Finder, a feature that will allow players to team up with players from any world within a region to join expeditions. The feature will also include a one-click Group Finder that will automatically assemble a role-balanced, cross-world group for expeditions.

    • The Legacy of Crassus, a new storyline that will introduce the threat of Rome to Aeternum. Players will have to hunt down and defeat General Crassus and his monstrous captains, who have invaded the island with their legion of Roman soldiers and machines.

    How to Test the Eternal Frost Content?

    The PTR will be open from November 9 to November 30, 2023, and will be accessible for all players who own the base game of New World. To join the PTR, players will have to download the PTR client from the Steam Library or the Amazon Games App, and create a new character or copy an existing character from the live servers. The PTR will have its own rules and limitations, such as limited server capacity, limited character slots, limited progression, and limited transfers. The PTR will also have its own forums and feedback channels, where players can report bugs, suggest improvements, and share their opinions on the new content and updates.