How to Make Enough Gold in New World

By Richard Kayode
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New World is one of the most amazing massively multiplayer open-world role-playing games (MMORPGs) on the market right now. It was created and released in September 2021 by tech giants Amazon Games. More and more players are now joining the game's adventure to explore the open world and immerse themselves in lore, which has a fascinating and rich backstory.


On the fictional island of Aeternum, the game is set in the seventeenth century. The island, located in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, is the location of the powerful resource known as Azoth. The mysterious substance can vastly improve anything it comes in contact with, and the prospect of unlimited riches draws many explorers to Aeternum. You are set to assume the role of one of these daring travelers, and you are free to choose your course across Aeternum.


Evidence of an earlier civilization that inhabited the island before the first humans arrived can be found throughout Aeternum. The Ancients are a race that was so developed that they could control Azoth to promote civilization, but the mineral's prolonged use would lead to their eventual demise.


The ancients had released a force known as Corruption while working with Azoth. Anyone displaying vices like rage or greed will be drawn to Corruption, which can then enter their bodies to spread its evil impact. Additionally, it can enter the bodies of creatures and wild animals and subjugate them to its will.


A crimson glow can be seen around the body and in the eyes of those who have been corrupted. An evil empress who intends to corrupt all of Aeternum rules the Corrupted. The Covenant, the Marauders, and the Syndicate are the three rival groups at war on Aeternum. The player can choose from the three factions, competing for resources and territory while also having to defend these against the forces of Corruption when necessary.


There is a specific currency for each game, and New World is no exception. The primary in-game currency in New World is Gold, which the game refers to as "coins," Players use it to buy settlements, materials, houses, and other items. Additionally, it is employed in trading, repairing, and crafting. As a reward for accomplishing various tasks like missions, expeditions, crafting, and trading, you can also get coins.


Making New World Gold involves executing tasks quickly and effectively to accumulate the primary in-game money. To make some money, the people of New World frequently have to resort to selling their commodities at auction at Trading Posts all around Aeternum.


 New World Gold


You need to become familiar with the Trading Post network before earning money in New World because you'll be using it a lot. Players can freely exchange their items at trading posts. You may also quickly buy and sell any game item with certain platforms like MmoGah


Prices for some products vary from market to market. The price will decrease if a particular Trading Post is overstocked with a given kind of item, and there need to be more people to purchase it, but the price will increase if that item is in short supply.


The majority of trade takes place in a few densely populated hubs. Choose a well-known Trading Post if you wish to sell your items rapidly or acquire something in huge quantities. Everfall serves as the New World's primary trading center. You could make money by purchasing items in Everfall and shipping them to Trading Posts in cities where the supply of goods and prices are much lower. Prices in Everfall typically tend to be cheaper than in other hubs.


For the development of your character, you require Gold. It is well known that power is equal to Gold in the New World. Therefore, you will need to update your gear frequently to enhance your character and keep it updated and ready for end-game activities. You always need better, more expensive goods; you manufacture them yourself or buy from another player.


In the New World, becoming rich is much easier said than done. So, if you're wondering how to make enough money while playing, the following are some of the most excellent strategies:


Gather Raw Materials

Farming resources for the mining, refining, and crafting professions, such as Iron Ore, Green Wood, Rawhide, Fire Motes, Earth Motes, etc., will yield a lot of Gold. If you have the patience to acquire all these raw materials, they each sell for a certain quantity of Gold, and you may exchange them for a respectable sum.


As much as people may enjoy playing MMORPGs and try to enjoy the grind, nobody particularly likes constantly wandering around the same regions to gather resources to level up their crafting abilities. You can make decent money selling these items if you are prepared to put in the time and work. 


Nobody wants to spend time obtaining raw materials; instead, everyone wants to level up skills as rapidly as possible. Selling essential commodities and raw materials at the Trading Post is a practical approach to profit from new players eager to advance. Additionally, obtaining these items is simple and does not require advanced trade or gathering abilities.


Complete the Quests

Gold is typically obtained by completing the Main and Side Story Quests. You receive at least 50 gold for each task; depending on your level, that amount may be higher. The quantity of New World coins awarded by the other categories of quests, including faction missions and town projects, is less than that of the first two.


When you visit your faction representative for faction tasks, you will discover that you have three daily bonuses available, providing chances to earn up to hundreds of Gold daily. Earned faction tokens can also be used to buy more goods to sell at trade posts, resulting in more Gold being made.


Players regularly purchase supplies to finish town projects because it's one of the fastest ways to get experience, so if you have these components on hand, you may sell to them for a profit.


Craft Legendary Items

This is one of the surefire methods to make a lot of Gold in the New World, but it is typically easier to obtain if you have advanced in the game. When you reach your New World maximum level, you must start relying on a few trade skills to acquire effective end-game legendary items.


Asmodeum from the New World is one of the elements that players need the most because it is essential to many different crafting recipes. The component is a forgeable bar made of several premium materials that, when combined, form a Tier 5 crafting material. You can begin gathering materials to build various 170-200 crafting skill items once you forge an Asmodeum bar.


However, you will need to obtain some highly uncommon ingredients, such as Orichalcum Ingot (5), Tolvium (1), Cinnabar (1), Charcoal (2), and Obsidian Flux (1), to manufacture Asmodeum. A minimum smelting skill level of 200 is needed, and many of the materials originate from orichalcum deposits, which call for mining skills of 175 or higher.


Even though it may seem like quite a bit of work is required to create these legendary artifacts, the money that can be made from them is astounding and is definitely worth the effort.


Play the Market


New World Gold Guide


Playing the waiting game and having a solid understanding of how the market functions are requirements for this strategy of earning Gold. Orders can be purchased weekly and sold for much more on weekends. Weekends see a spike in player activity, and these players are frequently ready to buy their wares and are often prepared to accept a higher price at the trade posts. 


You should also keep an eye out for the new releases in New World. By doing this, you can anticipate a product that will soon be launched and stock up on the components or materials needed to make it. When the product is released, the price of these items will inevitably soar, and you will be able to profit significantly from selling them then.


Search Chests

You will occasionally receive a quest that requires you to search a specific number of chests to finish it. The quest will determine how often you must find and search these containers.


Once you know what you're looking for, these tasks are generally relatively easy to complete. Identifying them is easy, as searchable containers will also glow with a white highlight when you see them. 


Chests are an excellent place to find treasure since you can find things like an extra gold bag that you can exchange for currency or even a golden scarab that can earn you thousands of Gold at the trading posts.


Mutated Expeditions


New World Gold Farming Guide


An End-Game advancement activity, Mutated Expeditions in New World rewards players with special prizes and extremely valuable Umbral Shards. In these activities, expeditions that have undergone mutation are more challenging. This only applies to expeditions that are currently at or near Level 60 at the moment.


Enhancing the typical and recognizable opponents encountered throughout the missions alters what is familiar. As a result, the dungeon encounters operate differently. Two separate expeditions will be mutated every week. Each mutation will have ten levels of difficulty, with the rewards—including Umbral Shards—increasing in line with the level of difficulty.


Players will have to be in that gear score range to maximize their chances of success because there is a suggested Gear Score for each difficulty level that directly influences opponent scaling. The Mutated Expedition Runs are an excellent way to generate a lot of money because you can win Best in Slot items that you can exchange for extra Gold.



The New World in-game economy is dynamic and will occasionally change. To mitigate the risks, it is advised that all New World Coins-making actions that demand a significant initial expenditure or simply a lot of time should be carried out with extreme caution.


In New World's player-driven economy, farming coins is only sometimes simple, but the tips provided here are guaranteed to make the task much more straightforward.




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